The Lighthouse for the Blind, Inc.
The Seattle Lighthouse for the Blind Foundation
Annual Report FY 2005

Message from the Board Chair

I am proud to report that the Seattle Lighthouse excelled in meeting both our financial bottom line and in fulfilling our mission of creating opportunities for people who are blind, Deaf-Blind, and blind with other disabilities this year. Thanks to the outstanding commitment of employees, volunteers, and generous members of our community, the Lighthouse surpassed its past performance and continued to thrive as a leading social enterprise.

I want to commend our exceptional production, machining, and sales teams for a record year in returns. Altogether, we saw $31.5 million in revenue from sales of Lighthouse-made products, our highest sales numbers to date. Our easel line surpassed $3.1 million, $1 million more than projected. Our long-standing relationship with The Boeing Company yielded $5.2 million in revenue from sale of quality airplane parts manufactured in our machine shop. Many thanks to the dedicated employees who made this record achievement possible.

Our revenues came in at $500,000 over budget, allowing us to secure new contracts and meet our mission through expanding employment opportunities for people who are blind. In 2005, we began negotiations to add a third component to our canteen line. Thanks to the efforts of Lighthouse staff, we have now secured a three-year contract to produce canteen cups for the federal government.

Our financial success, coupled with generous community donations, helped us to meet our goal of creating brand new employment opportunities for blind individuals. With the national unemployment rate remaining at over 70% for blind people, we remain firmly dedicated to expanding employment opportunities and opportunities for advancement here at the Lighthouse. I am proud to share that in 2005, the Lighthouse successfully added twenty additional jobs to our roster. As of September 30, 2005, we employed one hundred and fifty-four people who are blind, Deaf-Blind, or blind with another disability.

While our sales revenue helped us to expand our operations and employment, generous community donations helped us to expand our training programs for employees and community members with visual disabilities. In our Employee and Community Services program, we added staff to both the Orientation and Mobility (O & M) program and to our Deaf-Blind Technology Training Center (TTC). O & M instructors successfully met the challenge presented by Metro transit bus tunnel closures in September, spending numerous hours meeting the crucial need for re-routing training. TTC staff served over forty-five Deaf-Blind people in learning to use computer technology for access to information and communication.

2005 also saw the end of the ACE/SOS program for blind working-age adults, leaving an opportunity for a new, Lighthouse-sponsored computer education program to begin. We are now in the midst of a fundraising campaign to support a computer training program for blind Lighthouse employees and community members and plan to implement the program in the year ahead.

Another highlight in 2005 was our twenty-seventh annual Deaf-Blind retreat. This year’s retreat was a truly international event with Deaf-Blind individuals from Canada, Australia, Japan, and the United States attending. The event activities included a panel of our international guests sharing valuable information about Deaf-Blind experiences around the globe.

I want to offer my sincere thanks to all of the generous individuals, corporations, foundations, and other organizations that made it possible for the Lighthouse to continue serving people with visual disabilities through helping to preserve and expand the vital programs and supports that are such a key part of living with independence and self-sufficiency.

In addition to the Lighthouse employees and community members who made our success possible, we also owe a debt of thanks to two representatives in our government for their work on our behalf. This past year, we honored Senator Patty Murray and Representative Jim McDermott with the JWOD Champion award. The JWOD Champion award honors members of congress who have acted in a major support role for National Industries for the Blind agencies. Both Senator Murray and Representative McDermott have worked tirelessly to advance opportunities for blind and Deaf-Blind individuals through their support of Lighthouse programs and employment.

I am deeply grateful to be part of a team of people with such an exceptional spirit of cooperation. Through the hard work and collaboration of the Lighthouse team with the larger community, we are reaching new heights in realizing our mission of creating and enhancing opportunities for people with visual disabilities. I would like to thank each of you who worked to make 2005 such a resounding triumph.

Doug Klan, Board Chair

Lighthouse for the Blind, Inc.

Board of Trustees as of September 30th, 2005

Doug Klan, Chair

Ken Wherry, Vice Chair


Loren E. Anderson

Katherine M. Beck

William W. Berry

Timothy M. Crow

Robert Francis, M.D.

Raymond W. Haman

Roger H. Johnson, M.D.

Jay Jones

Jens Jorgensen

Tom Kuebler

Frederick Mendoza

Albert F. Mladenich

Donald C. Mollet

Becky Petersen, MBA, RN

Debra L. Santos

Mark Staudinger

Patrick Sullivan

Bruce Walker

G. H. “Oly” Wise

Honorary Member

Ben Woo

Employee of the Year: Deng Kong

When she was twelve, Deng Kong and her family fled Laos for the United States. They spent eight months in a refugee camp before immigrating to the United States. By this time, Deng was totally blind due to untreated glaucoma.

She remembers this as being a very lonely time in her young life with no friends and only her family members to talk to. “People avoided me as if I was a plague. People with disabilities are viewed as being stupid, useless, possessed by demons and, more often than not, are being locked away in institutions,” Deng says.

Upon arriving in Seattle in 1978, Deng felt overwhelmed by Western culture. She recalls, “I was in for one heck of a culture shock. First, women in bikinis in public? Back at home, women did not show more than their faces, arms, and what was below their knees. Then there was how a child addressed older people, by first names! That was considered to be an ill brought up child in many Asian countries. We used the term ‘uncle’ or ‘aunt’ to address older folks. Although they were not family related, it was a polite and respectful way to address them. Then there was the showing affection in public. Hugging, kissing, and holding hands – wow!”

Deng set to work attaining English fluency as well as learning independent living skills for people who are blind. She gained proficiency in Braille, independent white cane travel, and assistive technology. She went on to earn her Bachelor of Arts degree in Chinese Studies from the University of Washington in Seattle. She is fluent in Laotian, Mandarin Chinese, and English.

Deng started working at the Seattle Lighthouse in 2001 as an intern after completing the Service and Office Systems (SOS) training program that was jointly sponsored by The Seattle Lighthouse and Washington State Department of Services for the Blind. After completing her internship Deng accepted a position as a customer service representative in the Lighthouse customer service department.

In addition to her duties in the Lighthouse call center, Deng has expanded her role to include acting as the backup receptionist for our front office. She is also a regular participant in the Lighthouse school tours program, which educates local school children about the capabilities of people with visual disabilities.

Deng is positive, spirited, reliable, and loves to be busy. She is well liked by everyone who knows her and is always willing and able to lend a hand when asked even if the request falls outside her regular job duties. “I can always rely on Deng to follow through with tasks to completion. If she says she will call a customer back after researching a problem I can always expect it to be done. Deng is resourceful and has good problem solving skills,” says Sharon Carmody, sales and services manager.

Away from work Deng leads a very active life. In addition to being featured in Lighthouse publications, she has also been recognized in the Seattle Times for her experience as a cross-country skier and her experience judging a tactile art exhibit.

As an art devotee, Deng especially enjoyed serving on a panel of judges for the Touching Art exhibit hosted by the University of Washington School of Art. The Lighthouse hosted a special reception for this exhibit of art pieces made expressly for the enjoyment of blind people. A photograph of Deng examining one of the art pieces won a special prize in Parade magazine’s photos of the year.

An avid reader, Deng loves to curl up with romances, mysteries, and science fiction. Other activities she enjoys include cross country skiing, walking, crocheting, and organizing a large summer picnic each year for Lighthouse employees. She loves to listen to music and also to sing karaoke with family and friends. “Chinese oldies only please,” she smiles.

As The Seattle Lighthouse’s Employee of the Year, she is also our nominee for the National Industries for the Blind (NIB) Peter J. Salmon Career Achievement Award. This honor is given for leadership in the blindness field to a visually impaired employee working in a direct labor position for a NIB associated agency.  As our nominee for this prestigious award, Deng will represent the Seattle Lighthouse at the NIB National Convention.

The Lighthouse Legacy Society.

The Lighthouse Legacy Society honors individuals making planned gifts to the Seattle Lighthouse for the Blind Foundation through their wills or estate plans.

Unless otherwise designated by the donor, these gifts are typically placed in the Foundation’s permanent endowment fund, where principal remains intact in perpetuity, and earnings are used each year to support Lighthouse programs.

The only requirement for membership in the Lighthouse Legacy Society is written notification of a planned gift. Those providing such written notification before April 2, 2008 will enter the Lighthouse Legacy Society as charter members.

Please send notification of your planned gift to:

Seattle Lighthouse

Attention: Kirk Adams

2501 South Plum Street

Seattle, WA 98144

Lighthouse Legacy Society Charter Members

  Kirk Adams

Katherine M. Beck

Howard and Dianna Dickerman

James and Constance Engelstad

Paul and Bev Fletcher

Ray and Phyllis Haman

Helen E. Hauck

George Jacobson

Clifford and Olivia Johnson

Doug M. Klan

Tom Kuebler

Jeff Patterson

Patrick and Christine O’Hara

Patrick Sullivan

Bruce and Judy Walker

G. H. “Oly” Wise


People who are blind, Deaf-Blind, blind with other disabilities, Deaf, and non-disabled work together to advance the mission of the Seattle Lighthouse

As of 9/30/05, our employee breakdown was as follows:

Total Employees - 289

Deaf - 6

Blind - 93

Blind with other disabilities - 30

Deaf-Blind - 31

Non-disabled - 129

Employee Awards

The Lighthouse Employee Awards Ceremony took place on February 17th, 2006. President George Jacobson recognized the dedication, talent, and outstanding accomplishments of Lighthouse employees.

At this year’s ceremony, National Industries for the Blind CEO Jim Gibbons recognized Seattle Lighthouse for the Blind as one of the top ten nonprofit organizations in the country to identify and obtain new employment opportunities for blind adults in the U.S. As part of the event, Gibbons awarded the Lighthouse a check for $33,000. This award is the result of the Lighthouse successfully fulfilling NIB’s National Employment Growth/Retention Incentive Program.

The Lighthouse also recognized Representative Eric Pettigrew and Representative Sharon Tomiko Santos for their exemplary support of training opportunities for people who are blind and Deaf-Blind. Representatives Pettigrew and Tomiko Santos were instrumental in securing funding for orientation and mobility support to people with visual disabilities

We thank our awards ceremony sponsors: 5th Avenue Theatre, ACT Theatre, Amber Janitorial Inc., Argosy Cruises, ASKO Processing, Inc., Badgley, Phelps & Bell, Inc., Carter Mold, Farestart, Golden Pacific Embossing, HD Hotspurs, Grand Hyatt, Intiman Theatre, Jillian’s, Just Jim Plumbing & Heating, Inc., Marqueen Hotel & Inn at Queen Anne, Marriott, Residence Inn, Racha, Silver Cloud Inn, Spirit of Washington Dinner Train, The Box Maker, TTAAPP Central, Underground Tour, University Bookstore

Service Awards Honor Employees’ Commitment to the Seattle Lighthouse for the Blind

The following were recognized at the 2005 annual employee awards ceremony for their years of service to the Seattle Lighthouse:

5 years of service
Kirk Adams
Sue Benson
Bill Boon
Mark Bowers
Doug Case
Shane Dickson
Denny Fegeran
Maria Gatica
Bouasavanh Keopanya
Ellie Jacobson
Donna Masuda
Faiza Mohammed
Lonee Peschon
Carolyn Traub
Tod Williams
Linda Williamson

10 years of service
Glenn McCully
Harry Pike

15 years of service
Joellen Fischer
Krysztof Jankowski
Karen Kidd
David Miller
Mike Scheschy 

20 years of service
Ophelia Arellano
Lynn Chase
Kevin Gormley
Joan Ladeburg
Bill Schauer
Debbie Sommer
Annie Sting
Dave Roberts

25 years of service
Tom Miller
Eric Swanson
Rick White

30 years of service
Roger Dietrich
Paul Fletcher
Bob Malroney
Linda Turner

35 years of service
Mae Sawyer

The Lighthouse for the Blind, Inc.

FY 2005 Financials

The financial information contained in the Balance Sheet and Statement of Activities is taken from our most recent annual financial statements as audited by the accounting firm of Moss-Adams. The Five Year Financial Summary and Sales Summary by Product Line are taken from internal financials. Complete audited financials are available upon request.

Balance Sheet

Fiscal Year Ended September 30th, 2005








$  214,217

$  275,699




Accounts receivable – net allowance for doubtful accounts if $80,892 in 2005 and $82,573 in 2004



Other receivables






Other Assets



Total Current Assets




















Liabilities and Unrestricted Net Assets








Accounts Payable

$  2,155,666


Deferred Revenue



Accrued Vacation and Sick Leave



Other Liabilities



Total Current Liabilities









Board Designated              







The Lighthouse for the Blind, Inc.

Five Year Financial Summary

Fiscal Years Ended September 30th, 2001 – 2005







Net Sales






Cost of Sales






Gross Margin






Operating Expense







Net Operating Income






Other Income (Expense)












Net Income (Expense)

$ 1,124,212



$ (213,127)

$ (1,124,630)


Statement of Activities and Changes in Unrestricted Net Assets

Fiscal Year Ended September 30th, 2005





$ 31,518,816

$ 30,921,492







Warehouse and Shipping





























Investment Return




Excess of rehabilitation expenses over support and revenue




Other income, net




Bequests, contributions, grants, charitable trust distributions






Change in Unrestricted Net Assets






Beginning of Year



End of Year




Sales Summary by Product Line

Product Line                                                                            Sales Total

Boeing Aircraft Parts                                                                $ 5,273,034

Business Office Products                                                            4,794,299

  Easel Line

 File Folders


Paper Trimmers

Office Accessories


Custom Business Products                                                             $ 2,262,517


Business Cards

Custom Imprinted Products


Business Cards

Custom Imprinted Products

Awards and Recognition Products


Household Products                                                                          1,140,439

Anglematic/Mega Mop



Industrial Products                                                                            7,383,214


Hydration Systems

Saw Blades

Traffic Safety Vests


Commercial Subcontract                                                                   429,378


Base Supply Centers                                                                          10,235,938


Totals                                                                                                 $31,518,816

President’s Award Winner: Larry Baxter

Photo with caption: President’s Award Winner Larry Baxter

“Larry’s one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet,” says Jerry Kopp, production supervisor. “He’s very helpful, very conscious of our mission. Everybody likes him.”

Larry Baxter’s career in the plastics industry stretches back to 1961, when he began his career as a swing-shift foreman at Koller-Craft Plastic Products. Since then, he has worked on management teams in plastic shops across the nation. Larry brought his expertise and strong work ethic to the Lighthouse as senior production lead in the injection mold department.

“Larry’s a real guru when it comes to mold machines. He’s very knowledgeable about what a mold should really look like. He helps in the design as well,” says Jerry. “When the third shift came, he was very willing to lead the crew. He’s helped throughout the shop. He’s a very mechanically minded person.”

Here are a few of the comments Larry’s co-workers submitted in his nomination for the President’s Award:

You just cannot say enough good things about Larry Baxter, but I will give it a try.

Larry has been involved with the plastics industry for over 40 years, giving a vast amount of knowledge that he has shared with the Lighthouse.

Larry has worked in quite a few plastics shops around the country, doing everything from operating the machines to actually setting up a shop and running it, and everything in between.

Not only has Larry brought his vast knowledge of the plastics industry to the Lighthouse, he has also been involved in our business card and stamp product areas as well.

Most recently, Larry was involved with our new product line of canteen cups.  Larry spent quite a bit of time in Portland running the equipment so as to be able to assist in the implementation here at the Lighthouse.

There is an old Asian saying, “Once in the family, always in the family.”  Larry, you have always been and always will be a part of the Lighthouse Family.

Seattle Lighthouse for the Blind Foundation

Board of Trustees

as of September 30th, 2005


Patrick Sullivan, Chair

Albert F. Mladenich, Vice Chair



Katherine M. Beck, CPA

Clifford Johnson

Tom Kuebler

Ben Woo



Executive Staff

George Jacobson -- President

Robert S. Johnson -- Vice President of Sales and Marketing

Kirk Adams – General Manager of Administration

Don Helsel – Director of Quality and Process Improvement

Paula Hoffman -- Director of Employee & Community Services and Government Relations

Bruce Keller -- Director of Finance

Karen Kidd -- Director of Logistics and Base Service Centers

Pat O’Hara – General Manager of Operations

Norm Slader -- Director of Engineering Services

Will Power

The Seattle Lighthouse for the Blind Foundation is honored to be remembered in the wills of dedicated, thoughtful, and forward-thinking donors. These individuals have expressed their commitment to creating opportunities for blind members of our community by including support of Lighthouse programs in their estate plans and wills.  The Seattle Lighthouse for the Blind Foundation received the following gifts from October 1st, 2004 to September 30th, 2005 as a direct result of this generosity and foresight:

Legacies in Memoriam

Emma S. Olsen            $1,998.88

Hortense W. Lewis       $100.00

Nellie Carman              $100.00

Wilhelmina Clapp        $1,021.10

James F. Hodges          $408.00

Louise S. Kidwiler        $7,216.83

Evelyn Egtvedt             $1,530.60

Emma Leavenworth    $3,637.06

Sarah Johnson              $27,212.00

Vera M. Munn              $17,468.15

George Trimble             $19,640.71


For information on making planned gifts to the Seattle Lighthouse for the Blind Foundation, please contact Kirk Adams, general manager of administration, at 206-436-2110 or


Employee Awards              

The Lighthouse Employee Awards Ceremony took place on February 17th, 2006. President George Jacobson recognized the dedication, talent, and outstanding accomplishments of Lighthouse employees.

At this year's ceremony, National Industries for the Blind CEO Jim Gibbons recognize Seattle Lighthouse for the Blind as one of the top ten nonprofit organizations in the country to identify and obtain new employment opportunities for blind adults in the U.S. As part of the event, Gibbons will awarded the Lighthouse a check for $33,000. This award is the result of the Lighthouse successfully fulfilling NIB’s National Employment Growth/Retention Incentive Program.

The Lighthouse also recognized Representative Eric Pettigrew and Representative Sharon Tomiko Santos for their exemplary support of training opportunities for people who are blind and Deaf-Blind. Representatives Pettigrew and Tomiko Santos were instrumental in securing funding for orientation and mobility support to people with visual disabilities."


We thank our awards ceremony sponsors:

5th Avenue Theatre                 

ACT Theatre                            

Amber Janitorial Inc.               

Argosy Cruises                        

ASKO Processing, Inc.            

Badgley, Phelps & Bell, Inc.    

Carter Mold                             


Golden Pacific Embossing      

HD Hotspurs                          

  Grand Hyatt                            

Intiman Theatre                       


Just Jim Plumbing & Heating, Inc.

Marqueen Hotel & Inn at Queen Anne

Marriott, Residence Inn           


Silver Cloud Inn                      

Spirit of Washington Dinner Train

The Box Maker                        

TTAAPP Central                     

Underground Tour                  

University Bookstore               

Donors to the Seattle Lighthouse for the Blind Foundation

The Seattle Lighthouse for the Blind Foundation was created for the sole purpose of supporting the mission and activities of the Lighthouse for the Blind, Inc. All gifts made to the Foundation support Lighthouse programs. The dedication and generosity of individuals, foundations, corporations, and other organizations in our community was instrumental in helping blind and Deaf-Blind people access training, support services, and employment.


We received gifts totaling $261,696.36 from October 1st, 2004 to September 30th, 2005 as well as over $16,000 worth of gifts-in-kind from generous individuals, foundations, corporations, and other organizations. These funds helped people with visual disabilities achieve their goals, live independently, and succeed. We offer our gratitude to the following donors for supporting our mission:


Aase Aadland                                                              

Gunvald Aadnoy                                                         

Charles and Florence Abbott                                        

Susan Abbott                                                               

Eleanor Ables                                                              

James O. Adams                                                          

Kirk Adams *                                                              

Leon and Gerlinde Adams                                           

Lloyd M. Adams                                                          

Philip Adams                                                              

Richard E. Adams                                                        

Stuart Adams                                                               

Sylvia Adams                                                              

Daniel C. Adkins                                                         

Verneil A. Aitken                                                        

Thomas A. Alberg                                                       

Eugene Alexy                                                              

Sam Alford                                                                  

Sharon Allen                                                               

Dr. Leeon F. Aller                                                       

Kermit S. Alskog                                                         

Janet Andersen                                                            

Anne G. Anderson                                                      

Dwane Anderson                                                         

Elford W. Anderson                                                     

Janice Anderson                                                           

Loren E. Anderson **                                                   

Norman and Gladys Anderson                                     

Anonymous - 41 donors                                               

Marvin and Natalie Apple                                           

George Arakawa                                                         

Doris M. Armstrong                                                     

Harry L. Arnett                                                           

Mary E. Arnold                                                           

Emma Arvanitas-Monahan                                           

Erica Asahan                                                               

Hazel Askren                                                              

Norberto R. Assanelli                                                   

Glecy Asuncion                                                           

Dorothy K. Atkins                                                       

Patricia Audette                                                           

Jeffrey Babbitt                                                              

P. A. Babcock                                                              

Mable Bailey                                                               

Rea Bailey                                                                   

Marilyn A. Baim                                                          

Jacque Bain                                                                  

Margaret A. Baker                                                       

Howard L. Baldridge                                                   

Diane Ball                                                                   

John A. Banks                                                              

Thomas Bannister                                                        

Bart Baranco                                                                

Michael Barnett                                                            

Mack T. Barnette                                                          

Jeannette C. Barrett                                                      

Robert Barrowman                                                       

Anita Bates                                                                  

Harold C. Bean                                                            

Margaret J. Beard                                                         

James Beattie                                                               

Katherine M. Beck **                                                    

L. Randolph Bell                                                          

Lucille Bellings                                                            

Dr. Jim F. Bemis                                                          

William Benke                                                             

Eleanor Bennett                                                           

Jeanne Q. Benoliel                                                       

Helen N. Benton                                                          

Sten T. Berg Jr.                                                            

Elizabeth B. Bergerson                                                 

Erling O. Bergerson                                                     

Lois Beringer                                                               

Dorothy Berkoff                                                           

William and Carolyn Berry **                                      

Charlotte S. Best                                                           

Claude E. Best                                                             

Marie Best                                                                   

Nancy Bezzo                                                                

A. J. Bickel                                                                  

Roderick C. Billups                                                      

Robert E. Bishop                                                          

Mary and Robert Blake                                                

Mary B. Blanchard                                                       

Betty J. Blaney                                                             

Anthony Blanks                                                           

Frances E. Blewer                                                        

Thomas J. Bligh                                                           

Mark and Margaret Bocek                                            

Diana Boddy                                                               

Leonard Bode                                                              

Barbara H. Boettcher-Rys                                             

Elroy W. Bohlin                                                           

John Bolender                                                              

Denis Y. Boltach                                                          

Nancy Bondi                                                                

Alfred Bonnelle                                                           

Charles R. Booth                                                          

Warren Booth                                                              

Marie I. Borgman                                                         

George Bowen                                                             

Jean W. Bowman                                                         

Opal Bowyer                                                               

Judy Bracken-Commissaris                                           

Geraldine Brady                                                          

Adeline Brandt                                                            

Ralph D. Brasen                                                          

Donna M. Brazel                                                          

Lawrence C. Brenaman                                                

Abe Bresky                                                                 

Herb and Shirley Bridge                                              

Marjorie Briggs                                                            

Barbara O. Brink                                                         

Tinie Brisco                                                                  

Lora R. Brook                                                              

Donna Broughton                                                        

A. C. Brown                                                                

Alvin Brown                                                                

Donald E. Brown                                                         

Frances Brown                                                             

Janet Brown                                                                 

Lawrence Brown                                                          

Lt. Col. Walter Brown                                           

Mildred Brownell                                                         

James A. Buchholz                                                       

Judy M. Burke                                                             

Mary H. Burns                                                             

Robert L. Burr                                                             

Dr. Louanne Bursell                                                     

Patricia Burton                                                             

Bruce W. Busch                                                            

Lynne Bush                                                                 

Meta Buttnick                                                              

Joseph W. Butts                                                            

Charles E. Butzberger                                                  

Henry J. Bye                                                                

Genevieve Cahoon                                                      

Betty F. Cameron                                                         

James B. Cappio                                                           

Chris Carle                                                                  

Mildred L. Carlson                                                       

Elizabeth C. Carpenter                                                 

Jacqueline M. Carriveau                                               

Patrick Carroll                                                             

Margaret and William Caster                                       

Francisco Castillo                                                         

Ken Cederstrand                                                          

Blanche Centenero                                                       

Pam Cerreli                                                                 

Marion K. Chadwick                                                    

David Chalmers                                                          

Inez U. Chalupny                                                        

Edward W. Chamberlain                                             

Glenda Chambers                                                        

Hildur C. Chambers                                                    

Deo Chand                                                                  

Felix E. Chandra                                                          

Lynn L. Chase *                                                           

James R. Chatterson                                                     

Dr. Hwae D. Cho                                                         

Allen Chou                                                                  

Laura L. Christman                                                      

Lorraine Christofferson                                                 

John Christopher                                                          

Michael J. Churchill                                                     

Barbara and Owen Clark                                             

E. B. Clark                                                                   

Marcello D. Clark                                                        

Marguerite Clark                                                         

Marion L. Clark                                                           

Doris E. Cleveland                                                       

Raye and Louis Cohen                                                 

Margery Cole                                                              

Doris Coles                                                                  

Joanne Collins                                                              

Jack T. Colman                                                            

Betty Conley                                                                

Carolyn Connors                                                          

Els Conrad                                                                   

Frank Constantino                                                       

Blanche A. Cooper                                                       

Ruth Cooper                                                                

George Corbett                                                            

Eugene M. Corr                                                           

Steven Coutcher                                                           

Elizabeth B. Cowart                                                     

Donald A. Cowles                                                        

Joseph F. Crean                                                           

Sherry L. Creson                                                          

Alice Crewse                                                               

Bruce M. Cross                                                             

Clyde R. Crossland                                                      

Tim M. Crow **                                                           

Willard I. Crowley                                                       

Walter S. Crump                                                          

James P. Crutcher                                                        

Martha Cruz                                                                

Tom E. Cunning                                                          

Minerva Cush                                                              

George H. Dagnall                                                      

Donna Dahl                                                                 

Karen Dallavalle                                                          

Bill Daman                                                                  

Phong T. Dang                                                            

Carolyn Danz                                                              

Raymond Dapp                                                           

Robert Darling                                                            

Elaine Davenport                                                         

Edward L. David                                                         

Ruby Davidson                                                           

Rodger T. Davies                                                         

Dorothea M. Davis                                                       

Pauline Davison                                                          

Murray Dawson                                                           

Bernice Day                                                                 

Linda R. Day                                                               

Tiari G. De Graw                                                         

Nancy Debaste                                                            

Roy DeBritz                                                                 

Marlis Dejongh                                                            

Florence Delaurenti                                                     

Philip B. Detwiler                                                        

John M. DeVeney                                                        

Howard J. Dickerman                                                  

Robert Dicksensheets                                                   

Cyrus Dimmick                                                           

Arnold Dluhosh                                                           

Ronald Dodson                                                            

Glennis Donelson                                                        

Capt. Charles Dorian                                                   

Justin E. Dorschel                                                         

Alan Dougall                                                               

Patricia Downey                                                          

Stella Drager                                                               

Priscilla Drebin                                                            

Selma F. Dreher                                                          

Dominick V. Driano                                                     

Sandra J. DuBuque                                                      

Carel V. Dunaway                                                       

Donald and Mary Duncan                                            

Anh-Nga Duong                                                          

Dora V. Dupuy                                                            

Emil N. Dupuy                                                            

Melinda Duty                                                              

Anderson Duvall                                                         

Alice P. Dwyer                                                            

Sheila Dwyer                                                               

Benjamin O. Dy                                                           

George Earnest                                                            

Margaret B. Easterbrooks                                             

Charles K. Eaton                                                          

Edward C. Eberle                                                        

Jeff Eby III                                                                   

Arthur Eckert                                                              

Virginia Edwards                                                         

Margie Eidemiller                                                        

William H. Ekemo                                                       

Nikki M. Ekle                                                              

Nels Ekroth                                                                 

Dr. Daniel J. Ellinger                                                   

Michael Ellis                                                                

Col. Harris Emmons                                                     

Margarita D. Eng                                                         

Constance Engelstad                                                    

Adele Engl                                                                  

Joyce Epperson                                                            

Virginia Erickson                                                         

John L. Erling                                                              

Yvonne Evanoff                                                           

Albert Evans                                                               

Mildred Evans                                                             

Linda J. Eveland                                                          

Stanley A. Falk                                                            

Gay E. Farnam                                                            

Elyce Fassbender                                                         

Muriel Faunce                                                             

Elmer and Kay Felton                                                  

Donald M. Felts Jr.                                                       

Evelyn Ferrier                                                             

Gwendolyn R. Fetrow                                                  

Bill and Esther Fickensein                                            

Lewis and Andrea Filler                                              

William Finnegan                                                        

Roy Fisher                                                                   

Jerry Fitzgerald                                                           

Warren J. Fitzpatrick                                                    

Mary V. Fleming                                                         

Kevin Fletcher                                                             

Paul Fletcher *                                                             

Mary E. Flodquist                                                        

Verna E. Florov                                                           

Richard Flournoy Jr.                                                    

Thomas S. Folger                                                         

Ellen Follett                                                                 

Carla Fontana                                                              

Elene S. Forrester                                                         

H. W. Foss                                                                   

Marlene Foster                                                             

Mary Fowler                                                                

Sylvia Fox                                                                   

Robert and Julie Francis **                                           

Leonard J. Frank                                                          

Ronald Frank                                                              

Michele Franklin                                                         

Joanne V. Fraser                                                          

Carlyne Fredericks                                                      

Margaret L. Freeman                                                   

Paulette French                                                            

Walter J. Frendo                                                          

Dorothy B. Fribrock                                                     

Ellen Friis-Mikkelsen                                                   

Patricia E. Frost                                                            

Eddie J. Fueston                                                           

Florence Y. Fujita                                                         

George Fulwider                                                         

Frank and Sarah Furtado                                             

Etta L. Gabriel                                                             

Judi Galeota                                                                 

Charles D. Galliher                                                      

Ramesh Gangolli                                                         

B. Gardner                                                                  

John K. Gardner                                                          

Isabelle D. Garretson                                                   

Peter Gartshore                                                            

Harry L. Gauthier                                                        

Al Gawle                                                                     

John Gaynard                                                              

Dorene George                                                            

Lois Gerard                                                                 

Lynda Giddens                                                            

Laverne J. Gierke                                                        

Arlena Gilbert                                                             

Clarence R. Gillett, Trustee                                          

Myrtes G. Gjefle                                                          

Patricia K. Gladwell                                                     

Robert and Sue Goldman                                             

Donald E. Good                                                           

Phyllis Goodloe                                                           

Mary Goodman                                                           

Leo Gorenstein                                                            

Frances A. Gormley                                                     

James D. Gorr                                                              

Nancy Graesser                                                           

Gary K. Graf                                                               

Betty L. Gray                                                               

Suzanne Gray                                                              

Calvin Greatsinger                                                      

Gilbert Green                                                              

Thomas J. Greenan                                                      

Mary Griffin                                                                

N. H. Griffin                                                                

Timothy Griffin                                                           

Paul Griffiths                                                               

Ruth Gross                                                                  

Victor F. Gross                                                             

Jeffery E. Guddat                                                         

Grace L. Gumbinger                                                    

Gordon J. Gump                                                          

Elizabeth J. Gunderson                                                

William Gurrad                                                           

Richard G. Guthrie                                                      

Rita Gutterud                                                              

Carolyn Guy                                                               

Manil Ha                                                                     

Marion N. Hafterson                                                    

Diana Haines                                                               

Ray Haines                                                                  

Annette Hall                                                                

Lois Hall                                                                      

Marian Halpin                                                             

Ray and Phyllis Haman **                                           

Roberta Hambleton                                                      

George B. Hamill                                                         

Larry M. Hamilton                                                       

Barbara Hamlin                                                           

Sylvia Hammer                                                           

Herbert E. Hammond                                                  

Carol M. Hancock                                                        

Gary J. Hankinson                                                       

George F. Hannan                                                       

Mary A. Hanni                                                            

Gregory P. Hansen                                                      

Rosalie Hansen                                                            

Conrad Hanson                                                            

Don Hanson                                                                

Frank Hanson                                                              

George Hanson                                                            

Georgette L. Hanson                                                    

Katharine A. Hanson                                                   

Martin Hanson                                                             

Peter R. Harader                                                          

Juliet Harding                                                              

Patricia Hardman                                                         

Michelle Hardy                                                            

Robert V. Hardy                                                          

Ann Harris                                                                  

James Harris                                                                

Jeanne C. Harris                                                          

Melvin A. Harrison                                                      

Donald R. Harstad                                                       

Richard S. Hartwell                                                      

Christina Haskell                                                         

Maxine D. Hass                                                           

Kimball Hatch                                                             

Howard Hatfield                                                          

Arthur Haubry                                                            

William Hauck                                                            

Don R. Hauer                                                              

Darrell E. Haugen                                                       

Harold Hawkins                                                          

Ann W. Hayes                                                             

Larry Hayes                                                                

Mary J. Heacox                                                            

Don V. Helsel *                                                            

Nellie Henderson                                                         

Lars Hennum                                                              

Naomi Henryson                                                         

Paula J. Herbert                                                           

Joanne Hergert                                                            

Antonio Hernandez                                                     

Jenifer M. Herrmann                                                    

Loretta A. Hewitt                                                         

Peter Heymann                                                           

Esther L. Hibbs                                                            

Ronold Higinson                                                          

Erna Hiles                                                                   

Charlotte M. Hill                                                          

Leonard and Mary Hilla                                               

Joanne C. Hilton                                                          

Barbara D. Himmelman                                               

Richard Hinea                                                             

Warren Hinzman                                                         

Thu Ho                                                                        

Edna Hobbis                                                                

Lesley Hobbs                                                               

Cynthia Hodsdon                                                         

Ralph J. Hoerath                                                          

Paula B. Hoffman *                                                      

Ida Hofstatter                                                               

Virginia Hohl                                                              

Glenn Hoiby                                                               

John Holaday                                                               

S. P. Holder                                                                 

Roberta L. Holland                                                      

Brian G. Holloway                                                       

Harriet Holmgren                                                        

Louis K. Holt                                                               

Genevieve R. Holter                                                    

Sharon L. Hoskins                                                        

Dr. Andrew M. Houg                                                  

Jean T. Howard                                                            

Susanne Hubbach                                                        

Elsie and James Hudgings                                            

Tommie Huffman                                                        

George E. Hughes                                                       

Betty J. Hummel                                                          

M. D. Hunter                                                               

Joyce R. Hurd                                                              

Marlene Hurn                                                              

Dorothy Husband                                                        

Dorothy D. Hutchinson                                                

Janet Hutton                                                                

Barney Hyde                                                               

Ralph B. Ibarra                                                            

Silvio Impellizzeri                                                        

James K. Ingalls                                                           

Thomas Isaac                                                               

Frank Isik                                                                    

Alexander Jacklin                                                        

Lars Jacobsen                                                               

Anne L. Jacobson                                                         

George Jacobson *                                                        

Martha E. Jacobson                                                       

Ralph Jacobson                                                            

Steven Jacroux                                                             

Helen Jameson                                                             

Dorothea M. Jappe                                                       

Patricia Jarvis                                                               

Elva Jensen                                                                  

Roger Jensen                                                               

Keith Jephcott                                                              

Chandra Jeyabalan                                                      

Lorraine V. Johansen                                                    

Odd Johansen                                                              

Clifford Johnson **                                                       

Daniel Johnson                                                            

Dr. David W. Johnson                                                  

Glenn L. Johnson                                                         

Jimmie N. Johnson                                                       

Josie Johnson                                                                

Kem Johnson                                                               

Laveda A. Johnson                                                       

Mimi and Brad Johnson                                                

Nada J. Johnson                                                           

Dr. Roger Johnson **                                                    

Dianne Johnston                                                          

Elizabeth Johnston                                                       

Sara N. Johnston                                                          

Marcella K. Jonas                                                         

C. M. Jones                                                                  

Frank W. Jones                                                            

Georgia Jones                                                              

Jay Jones **                                                                              

Thayne Jongeward                                                       

Peter C. Jordan                                                            

Jens E. Jorgensen **                                                      

Ruth Junkins                                                               

Bernice Jurasek                                                            

Elli Kaarrekoski                                                           

Corland E. Kain Jr.                                                       

Katherine Kaiser                                                          

Donald R. Kallberg                                                      

Ilse Kamrath                                                                

Miyoko Kanda                                                             

Samuel Kaplan                                                            

Jack Kappler                                                                

Elisabeth Karnes                                                          

Richard Kastel                                                             

Milton Katims                                                              

Roland Kauzlarich                                                       

Jake Kawakami                                                            

Maurice Keating                                                          

Bruce E. Keever                                                           

Lucille G. Kehrer                                                         

Edwin L. Keil                                                              

Gloria Keith                                                                 

Suzanne Dresslar Kellar                                                           

Bruce Keller *                                                              

Pamela M. Kelley                                                        

Christine E. Kemp                                                       

Marie Kernie                                                               

Dorothea I. Kewley                                                      

Karen G. Kidd *                                                           

Eugene and Barbara Kidder                                         

Eula Kirby                                                                   

Juanita and E. Kirkman                                                

Mika L. Kitamura                                                        

Winifred Kivindyo                                                       

Doug M. Klan **                                                          

E. Doris Klan                                                               

Barbara Kline                                                              

Alex T. Klouzal                                                            

Betty Knight                                                                

Phyllis Knox                                                                

Duane Knutson                                                            

Robert Kochendorfer                                                    

Amy L. Koehl *                                                           

Anthony Kogut                                                            

Kay Kohlruss                                                               

Robert Kondrat                                                            

Walter C. Konizeski                                                     

Edward Kopp                                                              

Laura Kortlever                                                           

Dale M. Kosier                                                             

Leo G. Krasinski                                                          

Joyce Krauter                                                               

Ramon Kravagna                                                         

Ruth B. Krist                                                                

Bob F. Kruse                                                                

Sylvia Kuebler                                                             

Tom Kuebler **                                                            

Robert H. Kuhner                                                        

Barbara La Bissoniere                                                   

Richard Ladner                                                            

Gregory E. Lahti                                                          

Mary L. Lake                                                               

Irene I. Lamaine                                                          

Larry W. Lambert                                                        

Elva Lamp                                                                   

Phyillis Lamp                                                              

William and Mona Landers                                          

Dennis Landmark                                                        

Cynthia R. Lange                                                        

Shirley T. Lange                                                          

Hugh Langlow                                                            

Juanita Lanz                                                                

Myrtle Larsen                                                              

Amanda L. Larson                                                       

Arthur Larson                                                              

Erling Larson                                                               

Shirley Larson                                                             

Lillian Laslo                                                                 

Alfred Lau                                                                   

Doreen Layden                                                            

Deborah Leabo                                                            

Antoinette LeClare                                                       

James L. Lee                                                                

Jiyoung Lee                                                                 

Michael Lee                                                                 

Barbara Lenfesty                                                          

Betty Lewis                                                                  

John Lewis                                                                   

Mavis Leyrer                                                               

George S. Liapis                                                          

Renny Lillejord                                                            

Jon Lindbom                                                                

Elmer Lindseth                                                            

Catherine M. L. Lindsey                                              

Mary A. Lindsey                                                         

Donna O. Linkous                                                       

John and Doris Liston                                                   

Mary C. Litzen                                                            

Jan Livingston                                                             

Frances Lloyd                                                              

Margaret J. Loe                                                            

Jeanine H. Long                                                           

Richard Long                                                               

Sara Long                                                                    

Jane Longino                                                               

Victoria Loran                                                              

Francis Lord                                                                

Cynthia Lowman                                                         

William M. Lowney                                                     

Paul Loyle                                                                   

Doris Lunetti                                                               

Floyd Madsen                                                              

James E. Magee                                                           

Frances C. Mairs                                                          

L. L. Maki                                                                   

Dr. Kim S. Mallick                                                       

Katherine A. Maloney                                                  

Norman Manaster                                                        

Richard A. Mancino                                                     

Ken L. Mangels                                                           

Judith Mann                                                                

Wilbur C. Mann                                                          

Mabel Mardesich                                                         

Leib Margulis                                                              

Barbara J. Markovich                                                   

Linda J. Marlborough                                                   

Dana Marmion *                                                          

Janet Marquez                                                             

James Mars                                                                  

Catherine Marsh                                                          

Richard L. Marshall                                                     

Richard S. Marshall                                                      

Bjorg Martin                                                                

Chris O. Martin                                                           

Dr. Jacquie Martin                                                       

Wallis Martin                                                               

Linda Maschhoff                                                          

Jolenta Masterson                                                         

Jo Ann Mattson Coney                                                 

Audrey Matzen                                                           

Steven Mauer                                                              

Bruce Mauser                                                               

Charles and Margaret Mayes                                        

Myrene McAninch                                                       

Kenneth K. McBreen                                                    

Carole McBride-Pedersen                                             

William McBurney                                                       

Susan K. McChesney                                                    

Sybil McConaughy                                                      

Elaine McDowell                                                          

Joseph L. McGavick                                                     

Marjorie McGerr                                                          

Eugene McGowan                                                        

Jan McIlroy                                                                  

Don Mckee                                                                  

Dorothy McKenzie                                                       

Capt. W. W. McKenzie                                                 

Bernice L. McKenzie-Jones                                            

Janet McKim                                                                

Dolores and William McKnight                                    

Lynn McLaren                                                             

Laurence N. McLaughlin Sr.                                         

Dr. Kenneth J. McLean                                                 

Thomas McLeod                                                           

Brad McNeil                                                                

Jean E. McTavish                                                         

William Mejia                                                              

Frederick Mendoza **                                                  

A. J. Menzie                                                                

Patricia Meredith                                                         

Dolores Merkley                                                          

Tammy Meske                                                             

David R. Meslang                                                        

Mathew Metcalfe                                                          

Jacklyn and Carl Meurk                                               

Ethelyn Michelson                                                       

Molly Mignon                                                              

Barbara B. Mildes                                                        

Edna M. Miller                                                            

George L. Miller                                                          

Lee Miller                                                                    

Marilyn Miller                                                             

Robert Miller                                                               

Robin G. Miller                                                           

Candi Milstid                                                               

Maxine Minnick                                                           

Bernie Minsk                                                               

Charles Mitchell                                                           

Jacqueline Y. Mitchell                                                  

Al F. Mladenich **                                                       

Norma Moe                                                                 

Thorman E. Moen                                                        

Angeline Molinaro                                                       

Don Mollet **                                                               

Hideko Monma                                                            

D. J. Moore                                                                  

Jack Moore                                                                   

Jennifer L. Moore *                                                       

John W. Moore                                                             

Roman Mordkhin                                                        

Richard Moreno                                                           

Beatrice Morgan                                                           

Joe H. Morgan                                                             

Theron Morgan                                                            

Dorothy I. Morisaki                                                      

Ted Morneau                                                               

Gladys Morrison                                                          

James W. Morrison                                                       

Kenneth N. Morrison                                                   

Lois N. Morrison                                                          

Frances Mosley                                                            

Gordon A. Mowat                                                        

Gay J. Muller                                                               

Carol J. Murphy                                                           

Michael Murphy                                                          

Virginia L. Murphy                                                     

Dora R. Myers                                                             

Donna Nacke                                                               

Hanako Nakagawa                                                      

Harue Nakatani                                                           

Maxine L. Narodick                                                     

Harold W. Nathan                                                       

Jeffrey E. Neal                                                             

Marion Neal                                                                

Dean E. Neary Sr.                                                        

William A. Neep                                                         

Arline Nelson                                                              

Clarence Nelson                                                           

Leonard J. Nelson                                                        

Maurice I. Nelson                                                         

Richard and Janet Nelson                                             

Betty S. Nereim                                                           

Hoa Nguyen                                                                

Kylie Nicolson                                                             

Ann L. Nieder                                                             

Susan Noon                                                                 

Juanita H. Nordin                                                        

Henry J. Novak                                                           

Philip C. Nutting                                                         

Ladlyn O'Loughlin                                                      

Linell O'Neil *                                                             

Thomas H. Oas                                                            

Sally Ofstad                                                                 

Joe S. Ohashi                                                               

Phyllis J. Oldenburg                                                    

Virgil Olive                                                                 

William D. Oliver                                                        

Nils Olson                                                                   

Peter Omlanz                                                              

Timothy E. Onders                                                      

Francis C. Opeka                                                         

Phyllis R. Orrico                                                          

Esther Osberg                                                              

Merril Ostlund                                                             

George P. Ostroth                                                        

Richard G. Otis                                                            

Filis Otto                                                                     

Virginia Owens                                                           

W. W. Owens                                                              

Karen Owens-Ewing                                                    

Margaret N. Padelford                                                 

Peter Pagan                                                                 

Gloria and Jim Paladichuk                                           

Beverly Palermo                                                          

Lois R. Park                                                                 

Joe A. Parker                                                               

Ron Parker                                                                  

Kathryn Parks                                                             

Rosa L. Parsons                                                            

Bill Pascoe                                                                   

Lorren Patchett                                                            

Delia R. Patino                                                            

Jeff M. Patterson                                                           

Eileen Paul                                                                  

Ruby Peacock                                                              

John S. Pearson                                                            

Makara Pech                                                                

Howard Peck                                                               

Margaret Peck                                                             

Kyle Pedersen                                                             

Louis R. Peel                                                               

Reginald A. Pender                                                     

Georgia Penfield                                                          

Ying Peng                                                                   

Florence A. Penski                                                       

Ruth Penwarden                                                          

Raymond Pere                                                             

Tadd C. Perkins                                                           

Kathy Perry                                                                 

Lillian K. Perry                                                            

Irene Perryman                                                           

Dorothy Petersen                                                         

Daniel E. Peterson                                                       

Geraldine W. Peterson                                                 

Homer F. Peterson                                                       

Jean Peterson                                                               

Marion Peterson                                                           

Mary D. Peterson                                                         

Betty Phillips                                                               

Wendell Phillips                                                          

Siyoeuth Pich                                                               

Gerald and Jean Pickens                                              

Winifred Pielow                                                           

Marjorie N. Pierce                                                        

Richard A. Pierpont                                                     

Charles Pohl                                                                

Vern Poulsen                                                               

Lee M. Pratt                                                                 

Bill Preston                                                                  

Roberta L. Price-Smith                                                 

Alice E. Prout                                                              

Clem Provatakis *                                                        

Helen K. Pulsifer                                                         

Mark Quam                                                                 

Terry Quinn                                                                

George W. Raab                                                          

Lillian Radinsky                                                          

Gordon Radovich                                                         

Thomas and Stacy Raglione                                          

Ron Rainey                                                                 

M. Rainville                                                                

Roland M. Ramsey                                                      

Phillip and Dorothy Ransford                                       

Patricia A. Rasmussen                                                  

Ron Rawson                                                                

Edwin Read                                                                 

Gerry Reams                                                               

Jhansi and Madhu Reddy                                             

Lorraine Reece                                                             

Fern Regis                                                                   

Carl Reinbolt                                                               

Laurie R. Reinhardt                                     

Mary Louise Reiter                                                      

Edythe A. Renn                                                           

Kimberly Rennells                                                       

John Reshetar Jr.                                                          

Ellena A. Retzlaff                                                         

Marjorie L. Reynolds                                                    

Patricia Reynolds                                                         

Sondra Reynolds                                                          

Peggy Rhodes                                                             

Phil Rhodes                                                                 

Konrad Ribeiro                                                            

Lillian Richards                                                           

Miriam L. Richards                                                      

Ruth Rickert                                                                

Sheri A. Riggs                                                             

Lillian Riley                                                                

Peter Robbins                                                              

Wade Roberson                                                           

Dave Roberts *                                                            

John Roberts                                                                

Dr. Jeffrey Robertson                                                   

Alan R. Robinson                                                        

Ralph W. Robinson                                                      

Mariana Rodriguez                                                      

Raymond M. Roe                                                         

Alan Roedell                                                               

Rosella Z. Roff                                                             

John Rohan                                                                  

Richard L. Romatowski                                                

Ada A. Rosa                                                                

Peter H. Rose                                                               

Brian Rosenbaum                                                        

Marie E. Rosendahl                                                      

James R. Rosenzweig                                                   

Barbara and Ronald Ross                                             

Esther and Lee Ross                                                     

Lee Ross                                                                      

Lewis Rosser                                                                

Terry Roth                                                                   

Mary Rothwell                                                             

David Round                                                               

Helen Roush                                                                

Daniel D. Rubens                                                        

Robert W. Rummell                                                     

Harland G. Rushold                                                     

Ethel M. Russell                                                           

Patricia Rust                                                                

Michael Ruth                                                               

Orlyn Ruwe                                                                

Douglas A. Ryder                                                        

Lois Saari                                                                     

Florence E. Sabado                                                       

Patricia Sado                                                                

Borden Sagmoen                                                          

Drew Samuelson                                                          

Thomas E. Sandell                                                       

Virginia Sandry                                                           

Dorothy Sangl                                                             

Gilberto Santiago                                                         

Lorena Sasser                                                               

Elsie Sasynuik                                                             

William Sauerbrey                                                       

Craig Savage                                                               

Beverly Sawyer                                                           

Lena A. Scales                                                             

Janie Scarff                                                                   

Perry W. Scarlatos                                                        

Ruth Sceva                                                                  

Yvonne A. Schade                                                       

Peggy L. Schafran                                                        

Magda Schaloum                                                         

Gloria Schmidt                                                             

Judith M. Schmidt                                                        

Michael L. Schmidt                                                      

Jack Schneider                                                             

Marlene Schneider                                                       

David Schrieb                                                              

Ruth Schroegel                                                            

V. Schroth                                                                    

I. A. Schuster                                                               

John A. Scollard                                                           

Dorothy Scott                                                               

Rutcher E. Sedell                                                         

Patrick P. Selfridge                                                      

James Selix                                                                  

Cyril and Annabelle Seronko                                       

Cora E. Sevilles                                                            

Mathuradas G. Shah                                                    

Norman Shattuck                                                         

Elizabeth Shea                                                             

George P. Shea                                                            

Lynda Shelton                                                             

Roberta B. Shelton                                                       

Joan S. Shepard                                                            

Lt. Col. Walter J. Sherrell                                             

Lloyd T. Shoop                                                            

Colleen D. Shorrock                                                     

Anne S. Short                                                              

Marian Short                                                                

Charles Shukar                                                            

Cynthia Shurtleff                                                         

Marilyn Sill                                                                 

Janet S. Sill-Leahy                                                        

Paul Simons                                                                 

Kathryn R. Simpson                                                     

Jan Simsons                                                                 

Jerome Simurdak                                                         

Joan Sinclair                                                                 

Alex Singer                                                                 

Donald Sirkin                                                              

Andrea E. Skinner                                                       

Norm Slader *                                                              

Edgar Sliffe                                                                  

Desmond Smart                                                           

Barbara Smith                                                              

Eleanor G. Smith                                                         

Frances Smith                                                              

George W. Smith                                                         

Irma A. Smith                                                              

Joan Smith                                                                   

Kathleen Smith                                                            

Laura H. Smith                                                            

Sherri Smith                                                                

Steven N. Smith                                                           

Sun C. Smith                                                               

Velma Smith                                                                

Ethel Snider                                                                 

Marcella G. Snyder                                                      

Karen and Joseph Solar                                                

Gwen H. M. Solum                                                      

Cathi M. Sommer                                                         

Debbie Sommer *                                                        

Soren Sorenson                                                            

David A. Soth                                                              

Edward F. Soule                                                          

Charles W. Southard                                                    

Walter Speiser                                                             

William and Sharon Spencer                                        

Floyd Springer                                                            

Elaine Staake                                                               

Bernice E. Stalder                                                         

James Stanley                                                              

Bill W. Steadman                                                         

Scott E. Stearns                                                             

Wesley Steelhead                                                         

Kathleen Steenbock                                                      

Evelyn O. Stege                                                           

Sheldon P. Steinberg                                                    

Lilbourn N. Steinert                                                     

Richard M. Stern                                                          

Elaine Stevens                                                             

C. Stewart                                                                    

Robert Stipeck                                                             

James W. Stoddard                                                       

Jewel Stolldorf                                                              

Josephine Stoltz                                                            

Ellen R. Storm                                                             

Elizabeth M. Strandberg                                              

John and Alice Streutker                                              

Tina Streutker                                                              

Albert E. Stroeher                                                        

Louise Stuteley                                                            

Meyyamai Subramanian                                              

Helen Sullivan                                                             

Marsha Sullivan                                                           

Patrick Sullivan **                                                        

Jennie Summers                                                           

Teresa Summers                                                          

Ferne and Brice Supler                                                 

Joanna J. Sutherland                                                     

Robert Swanberg                                                         

Carl V. Swanson                                                          

William Swigart                                                           

Clifford Sylliaasen                                                        

Donald B. Syria                                                           

Theresa A. Szeliga                                                       

Richard A. Taggart                                                      

Ruth Talbot                                                                 

Carol A. Tallman                                                         

Steve Tallman                                                              

Thomas Tanigawa                                                        

Virginia Tanner                                                           

Shirley Tarpenning                                                      

Hanna M. Tattersall                                                     

Bernadette Taylor                                                        

George Taylor                                                             

Charles R. Terhune                                                      

Theodore W. Teufel                                                     

Hai Thai                                                                      

Donald Thomas                                                           

Teddy Thomas                                                             

Debra D. Thompson                                                    

Lorna Thompson                                                          

Robert G. Thompson                                                    

Robert W. Thompson                                                   

Vivian Thompson                                                        

Harold T. Thornquist                                                   

Laurel Thorp                                                               

Lavelle W. Thresher                                                    

Florence B. Tice                                                           

David G. Till                                                               

Dorothy J. Tilton                                                          

Andriette Timblin                                                        

Lisa Timm                                                                   

Gayle J. Torgerson                                                       

Ardell Toso                                                                  

Dick G. Tracy                                                              

John T. Tran                                                                

Betty Lou Treiger                                                         

Jackie Troedel                                                              

Herman Trotsky                                                          

Thang Truong                                                             

Ethel Tschache                                                             

Jessie D. Tupper                                                          

Lois M. Turner                                                             

Lindtner Twiet                                                             

Ted J. Tyson                                                                

Rosa A. Ulsem                                                             

Kevin F. Underwood                                                   

Martina Unglert                                                           

Dick Vacca                                                                   

W. M. Valentine                                                          

Ruth Van Dusen                                                          

Adelia Van Hoy                                                           

Jan Van Stijgreen                                                         

Ronald K. Vandervort                                                  

Arleta Vanguilder                                                        

Robert Vaughn                                                            

Harold F. Vhugen                                                        

Cornie Visser                                                               

Joe R. Vitulli                                                                

Zollie Volchok                                                             

Randy Wagers                                                             

Dr. Susanne Mygatt Wakefield                                     

Dorothy R. Waldron                                                    

Annie G. Walker                                                         

Bruce A. Walker **                                                      

John Walker                                                                

Zandra Walker                                                            

Walter Walkinshaw                                                     

Dorothy M. Wallace                                                     

Ruth B. Wallace                                                           

Ernest Waller                                                               

James A. Walsh                                                           

Florine Wandler                                                          

Charles Warhol                                                            

John Waring                                                                

Frederick Warner                                                        

Claudell Warren                                                          

Pat Watkins                                                                 

Darren Watson                                                            

Robert Watt                                                                 

Mary Webber                                                              

Jolena Weisenfeld                                                        

Almuth Wells                                                              

Byard Wells                                                                 

Olga E. Wells                                                              

Daniel Wempen                                                          

Phyllis E. Wenzlaff                                                      

Carrie E. Wesson                                                         

Emily A. Weston                                                         

Jack L. Wheeler                                                           

George L. Wherley                                                      

Ken Wherry **                                                             

William Whetham                                                       

Clinton White                                                              

Daniel K. White                                                           

Peter Whitehead                                                          

Dr. Arthur Whiteley                                                    

Deborah Whithorn                                                       

C. Wienker                                                                  

Mary L. Wieser                                                            

Beverly Wilke                                                             

Myrlene Wilkinson                                                      

Albert Will                                                                  

Ethel Williams                                                             

Joe and J. Williams                                                       

K. Williams                                                                 

Margaret Williams                                                       

Marsha Williams                                                          

Doris E. Willingham                                                    

Janice B. Willis                                                             

Rebecca Willis                                                             

Harriet Williston                                                          

Earl and Katherine Wilmot                                           

Sarah W. Wing                                                            

Shirley L. Winnie                                                        

Margurite Winston                                                       

R. C. Winter                                                                

Ralph O. Winter                                                          

Alice Wiren                                                                 

G. H. "Oly" Wise **                                                     

Perry Wiseman                                                            

Dorothy L. Wittenberg                                                 

Margarete A. Wittnebert                                              

Spence E. Wivag                                                          

Susan Womack                                                            

Cam Wong                                                                  

Ben Woo **                                                                  

Byron and Patricia Wood                                              

Marcene Woodburn                                                     

Earl W. Woodford                                                        

Edgar Woodson                                                           

Norman Woolworth                                                     

Cora Workman                                                            

Samuel S. Wormsley                                                    

Yvonne W. Worthy-Robbins                                        

Oard C. Yoder                                                             

Jean Young                                                                  

Leon J. Young                                                              

William C. Young                                                        

Shunji Yuasa                                                                

Rose Zappert                                                               

Ethel M. Zweifel                                                          

Susan Zwiers



Adobe Community Foundation                   

All City Fence Co.                                      

Calvary Lutheran Church                           

City of Seattle                                             

Dimmer Family Foundation                       

Dupar Foundation                                      

Ehrlich-Donnan Foundation                        

Elizabeth A. Lynn Foundation                    

Ethel Louise Armstrong Foundation            

Fairwood Lions Club                                  

FannieMae Foundation                               

Gilman Family Foundation                         

Knossos Foundation                                    

Lee Hardeman Custom Broker, Inc.             

The Seattle Mariners                                   

Marsha and Jay Glazer Foundation             

Media Art Productions                                

Mercer Island Lions Club                            

Microsoft Corporation (employer matching gift)

Moccasin Lake Foundation                          

National Industries for the Blind                  

Nintendo of America                                  

The Norcliffe Foundation                            

Northern Trust                                           

The Orrico Foundation                                

Pinkerton Foundation                                 

Posner-Wallace Foundation                         

Regence BlueShield (employer matching gift)


Schultz Family Foundation                         

The Seattle Foundation                               


The Schoenfeld-Gardner Foundation           

U.S. Bancorp Foundation                            

Wyman Youth Trust


* indicates Lighthouse employees

** indicates Lighthouse for the Blind, Inc. or Seattle Lighthouse for the Blind Foundation board members