2006 Report to the Community

Annual Report

The Lighthouse for the Blind, Inc.

and The Seattle Lighthouse for the Blind Foundation

Opportunity. Independence. Self-sufficiency.


Message from the Board Chair

As one of the largest employers of blind and Deaf-Blind people in the country, The Lighthouse for the Blind must meet an exceptional challenge each year ─ to further its mission of creating opportunities for people with visual disabilities while meeting its financial bottom line. This past year, Lighthouse employees, board members, volunteers, and community donors worked together to successfully increase opportunities here at the Lighthouse while strengthening our long-term financial success. 

Our employment opportunities for people with visual disabilities jumped from 154 to 169 in 2006. We added 15 new blind and Deaf-Blind employees to our roster while strengthening our financial position by ramping up Lighthouse manufacturing lines. In spring 2006 we began production on a major new line: the canteen cup. With the addition of the cup, The Lighthouse has become sole supplier of the three-part canteen line to the federal government.

Our contract with The Boeing Company yielded greater work opportunities as well. Our Boeing contract work increased by 25%, thereby creating new, high-skilled jobs for the blind and Deaf-Blind workforce. Many dedicated Lighthouse employees worked overtime to meet the demands of our increased workload. I extend my heartfelt thanks to the production and machining teams for commitment to their work.

The Lighthouse team also dedicated themselves to creating opportunities for upward mobility and career development for adults with visual disabilities. One of the key factors in career advancement is on-going training. In this digital age, computer training is particularly important. I am pleased to announce that the Lighthouse opened a new Computer Training Program for blind adults offering vocational courses on assistive technology, Office applications, and the Internet.

In 2006, we rolled out the Leaders at All Levels business training program. This training offered an organization-wide opportunity for employees to strengthen their business skills. For blind employees interested in attaining a deeper level of business management competency, we sponsor training through National Industries for the Blind’s Business Management Training program. This is the second year that Lighthouse staff members have participated in this intensive, 14-month program.

This past year was also a time of preparation and new opportunities. President George Jacobson announced his retirement date of January 2008, and the board immediately began a search for the new Lighthouse President. In September, we announced that General Manager of Administration Kirk Adams accepted the position of president-elect.

As head of the search committee, I was privileged to offer this job to someone with not only exceptional leadership skills, but also an outstanding dedication to our mission. Under Kirk’s leadership, I have every confidence that The Lighthouse for the Blind will continue to thrive and to be a touchstone for the blind and Deaf-Blind communities.

In the year ahead, The Lighthouse team will work together to ensure a successful transition while continuing to fulfill our mission. George Jacobson, Kirk Adams, and the Lighthouse board will work closely together to implement a comprehensive succession plan that ensures the health of our organization and maintains a commitment to the people we serve. I am proud to work with an organization that demonstrates such a firm investment in its future and its mission.

Thanks to all of you who have dedicated yourself to providing opportunities for people who are blind, Deaf-Blind, and blind with other disabilities to live independently and succeed. I look forward to working with you in the year ahead.

Douglas M. Klan, Board Chairman



Our Mission

To create and enhance opportunities for independence and self-sufficiency of people who are blind, Deaf-Blind, and blind with other disabilities.


Building Employment Opportunities

“Working at the Lighthouse gives me a real sense of worth. It builds your self-esteem being able to set up your own jobs and meet the challenges. The gift of a job is a gift of self-reliance and financial security.”  -- Dan Staub, Machine Set-Up

Lighthouse Employment FY 2006

With the national unemployment rate for blind adults at 70%, our mission focus is on providing employment opportunities and training to people who are blind, Deaf-Blind, and blind with other disabilities.

In FY 2006, blind and Deaf-Blind adults filled 15 new jobs for a total of 169 employees with visual disabilities.  The 169 Lighthouse jobs filled by blind and Deaf-Blind employees include production worker, machinist, department lead, customer service representative, human resources coordinator, administrative assistant, business analyst, government affairs specialist, technology training instructor, community class coordinator, and president-elect.

Pie Chart: Lighthouse Employees FY 2006

Blind employees: 120

Deaf-Blind employees: 27

Blind or Deaf-Blind employees with developmental disabilities: 22

Deaf employees: 5

Sighted employees: 126

Lighthouse Employee Total: 295

Career Training

Leaders at all Levels: In 2006, The Lighthouse for the Blind commenced Leaders at All Levels classes with the goal of increasing upward mobility for all employees. This curriculum was selected by National Industries for the Blind from the worldwide education company AchieveGlobal. The program’s five modules consist of Work Skills: the Basic Principles, Helping Your Team Work, Positive Responses to Change, Getting the Information You Need, and Speaking with Confidence. A total of 229 Lighthouse employees participated in Leaders at All Levels trainings.

Machine Shop Peer Training Program: In our machine shop, blind senior machinists provide in-depth machining training to new employees. The peer training program includes comprehensive, documented procedures for each machine with supporting materials available in alternate formats such as braille and large print. The training covers the immediate shop environment, orientation of the machine equipment, safety features and procedures, set-up, and equipment operation. Trainees undergo an assessment period and receive feedback on their progress.

Tooling University: Lighthouse machine shop employees have the option of enrolling in online Tooling University classes supplemental to hands-on training. Class subjects include shop essentials, blueprints, intermediate and advanced mathematics, CNC machining, and the latest machining and blueprint updates.

Business Management Training: Providing a major opportunity for upward mobility of blind individuals, the Business Management Training (BMT) program offers Lighthouse employees in-depth leadership training. The University of Virginia's Darden Graduate School of Business Administration facilitates this challenging, participant-centered program. For the past two years, three Lighthouse employees desiring a more in-depth knowledge of business management have completed the program.

Employee and Community Services

In 2006 we finalized our Deaf-Blind Program strategic planning process and initiated the planning process for services offered to blind adults.  The full plan is available upon request.  The ECS planning process is focused on the services we provide to blind and developmentally-disabled blind individuals. This process began in November 2006 and wrapped up in February 2007. We are currently reviewing input from our stakeholders and developing recommendations for future service.

In addition to completing our Deaf-Blind strategic planning process and launching our ECS strategic plan, we achieved the following:

We opened our pilot Computer Training Program for blind adults in fall 2006 with 26 individuals completing the pre-qualifying exam for training.

Orientation and Mobility specialists delivered a high number of service hours, 1686, to 148 blind and Deaf-Blind individuals.

Our Orientation and Mobility staff maintained our excellent relationship with Metro Transit Services through the delivery of timely and high quality services to Metro riders. Metro has been so pleased with our services that they are seeking funding to continue our partnership in the next biennium.

We expanded our Housing Support Services to meet the needs of blind employees relocating to Seattle. Our priority is serving blind and Deaf-Blind adults relocating to work at the Lighthouse.

Jodie O’Flaherty became the new supervisor to our Supported Employment Program for blind and Deaf-Blind adults with developmental disabilities.


Jackie Matthews filled the position of Interpreting Services supervisor. Jackie has worked as a certified interpreter for over 20 years in the Seattle Deaf-Blind community.


We streamlined our interpreter scheduling process by launching a new web-based scheduling program, Gridcheck, allowing our interpreting department to operate more efficiently and effectively.


We filled three essential staff positions: Karen Park joined our staff as Deaf-Blind Community Class coordinator, Joey Graff joined ECS as training and development coordinator, and Suzette Ledet became our Deaf-Blind employee support specialist & recruiter.


Five American Sign Language interpreting students completed Lighthouse internships in 2006. Each one of them has continued to stay in touch and support our programs


Deaf-Blind Community Class offered valuable information on a range of topics including: Emergency Preparedness, Election Issues, and Self Defense. The Office of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing provided an update about their services for Deaf Blind people. Best of all was a series of travel stories from Deaf-Blind people who traveled to Hawaii, Africa, and Israel.  


We hosted Carol Padden, an internationally known Deaf linguist/anthropologist, at Community Class. She gave us a special, informal lecture and the whole community was enthralled, particularly with her beautiful American Sign Language (ASL) and extensive knowledge and background. We hope to make this kind of event an annual tradition!


We provided 16 Group Technology Training Classes to the Deaf-Blind Community during spring in addition to our regular one-on-one classes. These were very successful and popular.


The following programs are part of the Employee and Community Services (ECS) Department:


Supported Employment Program

Computer Training Program

Orientation, Mobility and Housing Services

Interpreting Services

Deaf-Blind Program

This year has been a time of planning for the future while meeting current service demands. We have seen a surge in services delivered to the community. As a result, we have redefined staff positions, offered new services, improved systems, and added new staff to our team.


Seattle Lighthouse for the Blind Foundation

Board of Trustees – FY 2006

Patrick Sullivan, Chairman

Albert F. Mladenich, Vice Chairman


Katherine M. Beck
Herbert M. Bridge
Clifford Johnson
Tom Kuebler
Bruce A. Walker
Benjamin Woo


Lighthouse for the Blind Executive Staff as of March 2007

George Jacobson -- President
Robert S. Johnson -- Vice President of Sales and Marketing
Kirk Adams – President-elect
Constance Engelstad -- General Manager of Administration
Don Helsel – Director of Process Improvement

Michelle Herrera -- Director of Finance
Paula Hoffman -- Director of Employee & Community Services and Government Relations
Karen Kidd -- Director of Logistics and Base Service Centers
Pat O’Hara – General Manager of Operations
Norm Slader -- Director of Engineering Services



Employee Awards

The annual Lighthouse employee awards ceremony recognizes the outstanding work, dedication, and achievements of Lighthouse employees. This year’s awards took place on February 16, 2007. President George Jacobson served as Master of Ceremonies while the Seattle Lighthouse band, Clear Vision, performed throughout the ceremony.

Our thanks to our awards ceremony sponsors: ACT Theatre, Arby's Restaurants, Carter Mold, Dick's Drive-In Restaurants, Duke's Chowder House, Intiman Theatre, Ivar's, Jean Veldyke Properties, Marqueen Hotel & Inn at Queen Anne, Marriott Residence Inn, McCormick's Fish House and Bar, Muckleshoot Casino, Red Lion Hotel, Renaissance Seattle Hotel, Seattle Aquarium Society, See's Candies, Silver Cloud Inn, Sunset Bowl, The Museum of Flight, The Westin, Tutta Bella Neapolitan Pizzeria, Windermere Real Estate

Service Awards

Service Awards honor employees’ commitment to The Ligthouse for the Blind. The following were recognized at the 2006 annual employee awards ceremony for their years of service to the Seattle Lighthouse:

35 years

Robert S. Johnson

James Fontana

30 years

Murray Hampson

Steve Harrison

Thomas Russ

Robert Mitchell

Esther Hill

25 years

Willard Dietman

John Drane

Cathy Hendrix

Lavern Wainright

Rogelio Rios

Franklin Thomas

20 years

Carolyn Kennicott

Jeff Fischer

Robert Peterson

Al Sawyer

Kevin Jones

Amy Koehl

Juanita Shoemaker

Charles Mendoza

Terri Curnutt

15 years

Mouak Inhkeo

Karen Fredericks

Michael King

Bill McCracken

Karolann Elliott

Christopher Loyd

Lynn Serpa

Robert Lillethun

10 Years

Ray Kyte

Michelle Tibbets

Ken Wolford

William Mallory

Sharon Schauer

David Gilman

Richard Marley

Richard Waite

Klaus Joeschke

Dana Marmion

Epifanio Casio

5 Years

Nick Pike

Debra Lozon

Louie Gano

Criselda Golla

Christina Sanches

Bruce Visser

Maria McCully

Deng Kong

Shauna Claar

Anthony Hooten

Majida Mohammed

Diane Black


Lighthouse for the Blind, Inc.

Board of Trustees – FY 2006

Douglas M. Klan, Chairman
Ken Wherry, Vice Chairman


Loren E. Anderson
Katherine M. Beck
William W. Berry
Timothy M. Crow
Harry Egler
Robert Francis, M.D.
Raymond W. Haman
Jay Jones
Jens Jorgensen, PhD
Tom Kuebler
Frederick Mendoza
Albert F. Mladenich
Donald C. Mollet
Becky Petersen, MBA, RN
Debra L. Santos
Patrick Sullivan
Bruce A. Walker
G. H. “Oly” Wise


Honorary Member
Benjamin Woo

President’s Award Winner: Ophelia Arellano

Born in the Philippines, Ophelia Arellano followed her brother to the United States and to The Lighthouse for the Blind. She started working at the Lighthouse in July of 1985 in the sewing department, making such items as sleeping bags for fire fighters.

When she heard about a job opening up in the canteen area, her colleagues encouraged her to apply. Though she was nervous about her English skills, she overcame her fear and attained the job. She has now worked in the canteen area for 16 years, eventually becoming a lead.

“The first time I won the President’s Award was in 1996 and I was really surprised then. To win the award a second time really makes me happy and even more surprised,” she says. “The Lighthouse has given me so many opportunities. I love working here because where I came from -- in the Philippines -- the work opportunities were not there especially without a college degree.

She concludes, “I now know that, if you have patience, all things come to you in due time. If you want to work, the work is there.”

President’s Award candidates are nominated by co-workers, then selected by the Lighthouse President prior to the employee awards ceremony. President George Jacobson chose Ophelia because of her outstanding commitment and kindness. “Ophelia is hard working and committed to the Lighthouse mission. She’s very popular with everyone who works in production,” George says. “She’s helpful, understands the needs of the people she works with, and she’s empathetic as heck!”



Employee of the Year: Serzh Nikolayev

Machinist, musician, and technical wizard, 2006 Employee of the Year Serzh Nikolayev is a man of many talents. His story spans two continents and a colorful career leading to The Lighthouse for the Blind.

Serzh grew up in Azerbaijan in the former Soviet Union. Though he was born with macular degeneration, he was not diagnosed as legally blind until age 13. The macula is responsible for central vision, and erodes over time in people with macular degeneration. Today, Serzh has no remaining central vision but retains his peripheral vision.

Growing up, he discovered a passion for all things mathematical and technical. He attended a local electrical & technical engineering college. Upon graduating, he accepted a job with the county police department repairing alarm systems.

While working as a technician, Serzh pursued his passion for music on the side.  He is an accomplished musician, playing keyboards and several types of guitar. When pressures in the police department to join the Communist Party became too much to bear, music provided a way out. Serzh left the police department and became a full-time professional musician. He traveled the countryside with a group of fellow musicians around the Soviet Union playing at weddings, banquets, and concert halls.

Serzh toured with his band until starting work in a concrete block factory in 1989. Political and civil unrest had been growing steadily and war broke out between local factions shortly thereafter. He fled Azerbaijan to Moscow with his wife Natalie and son Roman shortly after the start of the civil war.

As the Soviet Union teetered on the brink of collapse, the U.S. and Soviet governments agreed to allow refugees to immigrate to America for the first time ever. On May 9, 1991, Serzh and ten of his family members arrived in Seattle. A stream of relatives soon followed. Today Serzh has 65 family members living mostly in the Renton area. After living and working in the United States for many years, Serzh became a citizen in 1997.

We all know the barriers that face people with visual disabilities searching for work, for Serzh this was compounded by the fact that he did not speak English . The immigration office researched the options for Serzh and found the Lighthouse.   He started work here on August 12, 1991 three months after arriving in the U.S.

The Lighthouse provided Serzh with an interpreter eight hours a day for the first two weeks of employment. While he did not take formal English classes, Serzh became fluent in English little by little with the help of his Lighthouse colleagues.

In 1998, Serzh transferred from production work to the Lighthouse machine shop.  He immediately took to the job, enjoying both the mental challenge and the opportunity to hone his technical skills.

He continues to sharpen his technical abilities, recently completing over 45 online Tooling University classes. Thanks to his commitment to constantly improving his machining proficiency, Serzh is one of our premiere CNC machinists.

As The Seattle Lighthouse’s Employee of the Year, Serzh is also our nominee for the National Industries for the Blind (NIB) Peter J. Salmon Career Achievement Award. This honor is given for leadership in the blindness field to a blind employee working in a direct labor position for a NIB associated agency.  Serzh will represent the Seattle Lighthouse at the NIB National Convention in Chicago, Illinois this fall.

“I appreciate winning the award because it lets me know that my coworkers respect me,” Serzh says. “People here ¾ I feel like they’re family. I come to work and it’s like my home here.”


Lighthouse for the Blind, Inc. and Its Foundation FY 2006 Financials

The financial information contained in the Balance Sheet and Statement of Activities is taken from our most recent annual financial statements as independently audited by the accounting firm of Moss-Adams. The Five Year Financial Summary is taken from our internal financials. Complete financial statement is available upon request.


Fiscal years ended September 30, 2006 and 2005








$   261,700

$   214,217




Accounts receivable, net of allowance for doubtful accounts of $77,619 in 2006 and $80,892 in 2005










Other receivables






Other assets



        Total current assets






















$ 35,324,936

$ 34,755,683





Accounts Payable

$  1,500,873

$  2,155,666

Deferred Revenue



Accrued vacation and sick leave



Other liabilities



     Total current liabilities










Board designated







$ 35,324,936

$ 34,755,683







$ 33,348,110

$ 31,518,816




$ 26,750,715


$ 24,252,575




Warehouse and shipping





















Investment Return



Excess of program expenses over support and revenue





Other income, net



Bequests, contributions, grants, and charitable trust distributions



















Beginning of year




End of year

$ 32,548,415

$ 31,520,581

* This number excludes in-kind donations totaling $183,092 in 2006 and $16,228 in 2005. Refer to pages ___ for details on Seattle Lighthouse for the Blind Foundation charitable contributions.           



Fiscal years ended September 30, 2002 – 2006







Net Sales

$ 33,348,110





Cost of Sales

$ 26,750,715





Gross Margin






Operating Expense







Net Operating Income






Other Income (Expense)












Net Income (Expense)

$ 1,027,834

$ 1,124,212



$ (213,127)


Seattle Lighthouse for the Blind Foundation Report

Message from the Foundation Chairman

Thank you to our supporters for helping to create and enhance opportunities for people who are blind, Deaf-Blind, and blind with other disabilities.

Our mission at The Lighthouse for the Blind centers on creating opportunities for people who are blind, Deaf-Blind, and blind with other disabilities to lead independent, self-sufficient lives. We couldn’t succeed in our mission without your support. As the 2006 Chairman of the Seattle Lighthouse for the Blind Foundation, I am proud to be part of such a generous group of people dedicated to creating opportunities for blind and Deaf-Blind people to succeed.

Community donors like you have helped make great strides towards the goal of supporting all Lighthouse training programs and support services through community donations.  Generous financial contributions from individuals and organizations had a tremendous impact on sustaining and growing our programs this past year. I am pleased to report that revenues from philanthropic donations to the Seattle Lighthouse for the Blind Foundation increased by 43% with gift totals rising from $284,188 in 2005 to over $489,707 in 2006.

In December of 2002, we announced the formation of the Seattle Lighthouse for the Blind Foundation as the fundraising arm of The Ligthouse for the Blind, Inc. Our sole purpose is to gather and steward community support to further the Lighthouse mission. We accomplish this through raising annual operating funds for our programs and services as well as building an endowment fund to support the Lighthouse mission in perpetuity.

Our long-term goal is to gather enough community support to cover all training program and support service costs. Not only will this help us to better serve the blind and Deaf-Blind communities through our programs, it will also allow all of our earned income to go directly into increasing Lighthouse employment opportunities for people with visual disabilities.

By making an investment in the Lighthouse, the donors on the following pages expanded and sustained significant training opportunities for blind and Deaf-Blind members of our community and allowed earned income revenues to go back into operations –-- directly resulting in new Lighthouse jobs for blind and Deaf-Blind individuals.

In 2006, philanthropic contributions funded a range of crucial programs and services including:

As you can see, community support is integral to funding our programs and creating new opportunities for people who are blind, Deaf-Blind, and blind with other disabilities. In the years ahead, we expect philanthropy to play an increasing role in furthering our mission and serving the community. To all of you who have made an investment in the Lighthouse mission, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Patrick W. Sullivan, Seattle Lighthouse for the Blind Foundation Chairman


Pie Chart: Funds Raised for Programs and Services

Unrestricted/Where Need Most: 32.8%

Technology: 30.3%

Deaf-Blind Program: 16.7%

Computer Training Program: 8.5%

Orientation and Mobility: 3%

Facilities and Garden: 2.6%

School Tours: 1.9%

Employee Support: 1.6%

Employee Awards and Recognition: 0.9%

Machine Equipment: 0.8%

Helen B. Blumenthal Fund for Braille Services: 0.5%

Endowment Fund: 0.4%


Pie Chart: Donations by Source

Corporations: 39%

Individuals: 25%

Foundations and Service Organizations: 20%

Trusts and bequests: 15%

Workplace Gifts: 1%


2006 Honor Roll of Donors


Aase Aadland

Gunvald Aadnoy

Alfred and Katherine Abdo

W. Scott and Diane Ables

Alpha P. Abney

Ramona Abrudan Dana

Robert W. Ackerman

Felicitacion G. Acosta

Hamlin Adams

Kirk Adams*

James O. Adams

Jonelle Adams

Richard E. Adams

Dave Adams

Roma and Rajesh Agny

Orland S. Aguas

Verneil A. Aitken

John M. Akre

Thomas A. Alberg

Marcia J. Alberti

Eugene and Audrey Alexy

Roy J. Alldritt

Jacqueline M. Allen

Geraldine Althauser

Margaret Ames

Gloria P. Andersen

Janet and Richard Andersen

Norman and Gladys Anderson

Loren E. Anderson**

Dwane Anderson

Anne G. Anderson

Elford W. Anderson

Lillian and Birger Anderson

Sam Anderson

Tom A. Anderson

Trey Anderson

Janice and Victor Anderson

Stephan Andon

Leonardo Andrada

William B. Andrews

Virginia Andrus

Jack Angove

Anonymous – 30 donors

Bill R. Antill

John Armas

Ray E. Armintrout

Katherine K. Armstrong

Joanne Arnett

Harry L. Arnett

Emma Arvanitas-Monahan

Riyad Asfoor

Cora J. Ashmore

J. Ashrafi

Hazel Askren

Dorothy K. Atkins

Patricia Audette

Barbara Avison

W. Bagley

Dorris C. Bailey

Mable Bailey

Betty H. Bailey

Cassandra M. Baines

J. R. Baird

Howard L. Baldridge

Bill Ballard

Stanley L. Banks

Bart Baranco

Jean and Jeannette Bardon

Rosemarie H. Barker

Fern J. Barkley

Bruce J. Barnes

Michael and Abigail Barnett

Sig Barni

Jeannette C. Barrett

Robert Barrowman and Elaine J. Kangas

John R. Barry

Christopher and Naomi Barry

Daniel P. Barry

David Bartzur

Anita Bates

Betty V. Baudoin

Nenita S. Bautista

Harold and Patricia Bean

James Beattie

Betty and Raymond Bebee

Clark J. Beck Jr.

Gail A. Beck

Katherine M. Beck**

Lillard Beckwith

L. Randolph Bell

Lucille Bellings

Dr. Jim F. Bemis

William Benke

Michael Bennett

Jeanne Q. Benoliel

Sten and Pamela Berg

Arne T. Berg

Elizabeth B. Bergerson

Vera Berghuis

Larry Berlin

Ronald Bernier

Ray Bessler

Marie Best

Charlotte and Samuel Best

Nancy Bezzo

A. J. Bickel

Charles Billow

Roderick C. Billups

Weller J. Bishopp

Wilfred M. Bisson

Stephen Bjorgan

Mary and Robert Blake

George E. Blanchard

Mary B. Blanchard

Lawrence Blank

Anthony Blanks

Frances E. Blewer

Thomas and Elaine Bligh

Mary E. Blinzler

Ginny Boesel

Barbara H. Boettcher-Rys

Nancy Bondi

Dr. Eva Bor

James and Marie Borgman

Laverene C. Bouchat

Marina Bouraia

Ann Bowden

May and Howard Bowers

Michael D. Bowling

Martha Boydston

Geraldine Brady

Helen L. Brainard

V. Joyce Branch

Dr. Jack H. Brandon

Kim C. Brandt

Adeline Brandt

Tyrone Brathwaite

Karen Braun

Carmel D. Brazee

M. A. Breitenbach

Lawrence C. Brenaman

Marguerite Brewington

Herb and Shirley Bridge**

Tina L. Briscoe

William J. Bronstein

Celia Bronstein

Esther and Michele Brouqua

Laurent R. Broussal

Rose Brown

Janice J. Brown

A. C. Brown

Donald E. Brown

Alvin Brown

Lt. Col. Walter Brown

Marvin O. Brown

Mildred Brownell

Joan L. Bruce

Brett H. Bruckman

Candace B. Brumett

Ben Brynildsen

Andrea L. Buchanan

Ann Rutledge Buchanan

Dr. Michael J. Buckley

Earl Buell

Thanh Bui

Labiba Bukhari

Helen H. Burgeson

Charles T. Burkhardt

Robert and Nancy Burr

Dr. Louanne Bursell

Mark K. Buschen

Robert and Katherine Bush

Keith Butler

Meta Buttnick

Joseph and Evelyn Butts

Charles and Norah Butzberger

Henry J. Bye

Genevieve Cahoon

Anne C. Calcagini

Betty F. Cameron

Larry A. Cannon

Lee A. Cari

Chris Carle and Rhonda K. King

Mildred L. Carlson

Alice O. Carner

Arthur E. Carstensen

Minnelee Carter

Victor B. Cauffman

Bess W. Cawthra

Ken Cederstrand

Rita L. Cella-Trousdale and Lee R. Trousdale

Marion K. Chadwick

Raymond R. Chalmers

Inez U. Chalupny

Glenda Chambers

Robert Champlain

Kwok Q. Chan

Jim Charboneau

James R. Chatterson

Nancy H. Chen

Helen and James Child

Marie and David Chorlton

Allen Chou

Deborah Christensen

Gladys and Richard Christiansen

Joel Christino

Laura L. Christman

Ronald J. Ciro

James Cissell

Howard H. Claassen

Marguerite Clark

Marion L. Clark

Barbara and Owen Clark

Erin Clark

Grace Claybrook

Doris E. Cleveland

Helen Coffel

Raye and Louis Cohen

James Colamarino

Doris Coles

Maureen S. Collman

Gerry A. Colson

Betty Conley

Diane E. Constantine

Frank Constantino

Manuel C. C. Conte

Eileen and Jerry Conway

William G. Cook

Juanita F. Cook

Glen Cook

Ruth Cooper

George and Helen Corbett

Thelma Cormier

Blanche L. Corning

Orin B. Corpron

Benny L. Cortes

Kenneth E. Cottingham

Steven Coutcher

William Cowan

Samuel G. Cox III

Alida Crabtree

Frank W. Crawford

Mary E. Crosby

Bruce M. Cross

Anne Cross

Tim M. Crow**

Willard I. Crowley

Dr. J. C. Crown

James P. Crutcher

M. L. Cullor

Lennard G. Culp

Tom E. Cunning

Phyllis and Allen Cunningham

Terri L. Curnutt*

Teresita A. Curry

Patrick Curtin

Minerva Cush

Jerry and Mary Anne D'Ambrosio

George H. Dagnall

Richard A. Dahl

Bill and Shirley Daman

Phong T. Dang

Carolyn Danz

Raymond Dapp

Germaine Dart

Elaine Davenport

Edward L. David

William and Hazel Davies

Rodger T. Davies

Scott Davis

Ronald L. Davis

Rowland B. Davis

Shelley M. Day

Linda R. Day

Tiari G. De Graw

Maureen De Spain

Gaston E. De Witte

Roy DeBritz

Christopher P. Deits

Carole L. Dencklau

Craig Detmer

Lori Dickinson

Preston E. Dickson

Ida M. Dietz

Arnold Dluhosh

Margaret A. Dole

Marjorie L. Domenowske

Don Donaldson

Deanna L. Donaldson

Capt. Charles Dorian

Jack N. Downer

Jean Doyle

Verna Draper

Priscilla Drebin

Suzanne Dressler Kellar

Dominick and Aurora Driano

Dave Driscoll

William C. Drohan

Pierre Du Maine

Dora V. Du Puy

Myrtle Dudley

Gladys Duff Thornton

T. Michael Dunbar

Bonnie J. Duncan

Joseph Duncan

Donald and Mary Duncan

William Dunn

Emil N. Dupuy

Virginia Duren

Dr. and  Richard Duringer

Wayne H. Dutton

Anderson Duvall

Alice P. Dwyer

Sheila Dwyer

Diane D. Dwyer

Joseph Dyson

George Earnest

Margaret B. Easterbrooks

Dorothea and Mark Eberz-Wagner

Betty P. Edge

Virginia Edwards

Ole Eide

Margie Eidemiller

William H. Ekemo

Dr. Daniel J. Ellinger

Helen Emery and Louise Benson

Margarita and Michael Eng

Dolly and Harold Engberg

Bernice J. Engel

Virginia and Gordon Erickson

Ayleen F. Erickson

John L. Erling

Louise R. Erwin

Albert Evans

Catherine G. Everett

Fred A. Eves

Iris F. Ewing

Gary Faber

Gay E. Farnam

Ruth Fast

Muriel Faunce

Eustine O. Fauska

Maria Fedorean

John N. Fegan

Elmer and Kay Felton

Claudia M. Fernsworth

Evelyn Ferrier

Virginia Fickes

Dorothy Fields

Leo Filippi

Lewis and Andrea Filler

Robert C. Finkelnburg

Joseph C. Firey

Myron Fishman

Lawrence Fitchett

Jerry Fitzgerald

Ardus Fitzgerald

Mary V. Fleming

Paul Fletcher*

Verna E. Florov

Vince R. Ford

Elene S. Forrester

Marcel Forster

H. W. Foss

Jeff S. Foster*

Marlene Foster

Herbert and Phyllis Foulke

Robert and Julie Francis**

Ronald Frank

Joanne V. Fraser

Lonie Frazier

Elizabeth I. Freeberg

Donald Freeman

Walter Freire

Hanna L. French

Paulette French

Walter J. Frendo

Evelyn B. Frerichs

Kathleen Friend

Ellen Friis-Mikkelsen

Barbara Frost and Robert Sours

Eddie O. Fueston

Ellen Fuhrman

Florence Y. Fujita

George Furlough Jr.

Elizabeth M. Gadwa

John M. Galbraith

Julie Galliani Manso

Charles D. Galliher

Karen Gallo

Joyce M. Galter

Genaro Garcia

Isabelle D. Garretson

Joyce Garrett

Harry L. Gauthier

Hilda and Donald Gaviglio

Lorraine Gavin

John Gaynard

Marcia A. Geary

Charles L. Gebhardt

Ruth E. Geddes

Daniel Gelbaum

Lois E. Gerard

Dr. Arthur J. Gerdes and  Peggy R. Gerdes

William T. Gibbs

Lynda Giddens

Laverne J. Gierke

Earl Giggey

Arlena Gilbert

James and Crystal Giles

Clarence R. Gillett

Patricia Gilroy

Donald Ginn

Arthur E. Ginocchio

Margery Ginotti

Boyd E. Givan

Phillip E. Gladfelter

Enriqueta P. Godinez

Sherry Gomes

Guillermo V. Gomez

Isaias C. Gonzalez

Betty and Vernon Goodin

Mary Goodman

Richard E. Goodwin

Steve Gorder

Lyle Gordon

Frances A. Gormley

Wallace H. Goulet

Dale and Shirley Gourley

Dwight and Dorothy Gowdey

Gary K. Graf

Suzanne Gray

Sherrie J. Gray

Holly Gray*

Jack Grebil

Tom Green

Gilbert Green

Thomas J. Greenan

Cyrus A. Greenlaw

Wallace V. Gri

Timothy Griffin

Gretel Groeneveld

Jennifer R. Grohs

Ruth Gross

Victor F. Gross

Leo A. Gruba

Larry Gudbranson

Gordon J. Gump

Elizabeth J. Gunderson

Meredith Gustafson

Richard and Louise Guthrie

Juan Gutierrez

Jesse Gutierrez

Rita Gutterud

Augusta S. Hackstock

Marion N. Hafterson

Dr. Frederick Hahn

Gilbert and Shirley Haight

Diana Haines

Margaret E. Haines

Ethel and Paul Hale

John M. Haley

Annette Hall

Harold G. Halseth

Karen J. Ham

Ray and Phyllis Haman**

Sylvia Hammer

Herbert E. Hammond

Solweig Hammond

Apolena L. Hanak

Carol M. Hancock

Karon Hanke

Frances A. Hannah

George F. Hannan

Rosalie Hansen

Frank Hanson

Georgette L. Hanson

Martin Hanson

Elroy and Dorothy Hapke

David L. Hardin

Juliet F. Harding

Glenn and Rena Hardy

Robert V. Hardy

George Hardy

Hassan and Zainab Hariri

Fay L. Harra

Ann L. Harris

Evelyn I. Harrison

Marta L. Harshbarger

Paul Hart

Joan and E.C. Harter

Maureen Haruta

Martha J. Harwood

Marjorie A. Hass

Maxine D. Hass

Howard Hatfield

Helen E. Hauck

Don R. Hauer

Lillian Haug

Bess Haugen

Darrell E. Haugen

Toshiko Hayashi

Edward Hayashi

Naomi Hayashi

Ann W. Hayes

George and Marjorie Hazen

Gladys Headley

Evelyn N. Heatherington

Charles Heitman

Don V. Helsel*

Whittaker Hemion

Msgt. Matt C. Hemming

James G. Hendrickson

Robert L. Henninger

Lars and Claire Hennum

Nancy L. Henry

Naomi Henryson

Paula J. Herbert

Mavis and John Herzog

Lilo Heuser

Linda Hider

Florence and Leslie Hightower

Erna and Jack Hiles

Susan A. Hill

Barbara L. Hill

Leonard and Mary Hilla

Joanne C. Hilton

Barbara D. Himmelman

Evelyn M. Hobart

Bernice Hodgson

Ralph J. Hoerath

Ida Hofstatter

John Holaday

Genevieve M. Holden

June A. Holden

Roberta and Alan Holland

Brian G. Holloway

Marie Homelvig-Ziegler

Ione Honeycutt

Mas Honmyo

Patricia and Keith Horton

Fred and Karen Horvath

Eugene V. Howard

M. Rita Howe

Susanne Hubbach

Elsie and James Hudgings

Oscar Huggins

Lorne F. Hughes

George E. Hughes

Mary A. Hulse

Lyle S. Hunter

M. Dorothy Hunter

Joyce R. Hurd

Dorothy A. Husband

Helen Dae Hutchison

Barney Hyde

Fernanda Ibarbride

Ralph B. Ibarra

James Ingalls

Angela Ingham

Jeanne C. Inouye

Arnold and Helen Isaacson

Percy Isbister

Frank Isik

Mary E. Iszley

Alexander Jacklin

Ralph Jacobson

Odello Jacobson

George Jacobson*

Anne L. Jacobson

Martha E. Jacobson

Edna M. Jacobson

Ronald A. Janiszewski

Dorothea M. Jappe

Maria A. Jedd

R. F. Jefferson

Mark L. Jenkins

Doris J. Jennings

Gloria I. Jensen

Keith Jephcott

Valdis J. Jodais

Marguerita Johansen

John Johnsen

Mr. and Mrs. Clarence C. Johnson

Lynn Johnson

Max M. Johnson

L. Taylor Johnson

Florence J. Johnson

Norman Johnson

Vienna Johnson

Kathleen and Edward Johnson

Leland Johnson

Gay A. Johnson

Maynard P. Johnson

Clifford Johnson**

Dr. Roger H. Johnson**

Laveda A. Johnson

Dr. David W. Johnson

Robert S. Johnson*

Robert Johnson Jr.

Klemens and Katherine Johnson

Glenn L. Johnson

Mimi and Brad Johnson

Sara N. Johnston

Levy S. Johnston

Louann D. Johnston

Patricia V. Johnston

Marjorie E. Johnston

Adrienne Jonas

Marcella K. Jonas

Robert W. Jones

Georgia Jones

Thayne Jongeward

Peter C. Jordan

Dr. Jens E. Jorgensen**

Kiyo Kakiuchi

Dr. Robert E. Kalina

Anantha K. Kanigerchala

Jack Kappler

Martha Karcher

Leida J. Kaskes

Richard and Joyce Kastel

Ellen Kastius

Mary and Daniel Kautzman

Roland Kauzlarich

Jake and Sadako Kawakami

Henry W. Kearnes

Bruce and Theresa Keever

Edwin L. Keil

Ann M. Kellar

Pamela M. Kelley

Glenna S. Kendall

Harold Keniston

Mary Y. Kenny

Barbara A. Keyt

Theodore B. Kichline

Karen G. Kidd*

Eugene and Barbara Kidder

Elizabeth A. Kidwell and  Sally A. Desimone

T. H. Killoran

Michael Kim

Elizabeth G. Kindel

Cari and Thomas King

Douglas King

Eva Kiraly

Eula Kirby

Mika L. Kitamura

Douglas and Bille Klan**

Richard L. Kleir

Alex T. Klouzal

Dieter A. Knecht

Donna L. Knight

Patricia Knight

Roger L. Kniss

Arthur T. Knowles

Duane and Dennis Knutson

Robert Kochendorfer

Amy L. Koehl*

Martha Koenig

Anthony Kogut

Vladislav Komanovsky

Robert and Vivian Kondrat

Deng Kong*

Walter C. Konizeski

Vladimir I. Kononenko

C. Konstin

Marvel L. Koren

Jane F. Koshney

Dale M. Kosier

Barbara Koski

Sara Kosugi

Joseph Kraus

Anna M. Kravik

Allan Kravitz

Bob F. Kruse

Tom Kuebler**

Robert H. Kuhner

Richard Ladner

Gregory E. Lahti

Mary L. Lake

Larry W. Lambert

Elva Lamp

Raymond and Elizabeth Landry

Shirley T. Lange

Richard L. Langer

Helen Langer Smith

Mervin Langland

Carol A. Larson

Shirley Larson

Ann and Keith Launders

Jane T. Lauritsen

Richard Laxton

Doreen Layden

Jonathan L. Lebaron

Isabelle M. LeBlanc and Cherie L. Schuster

Antoinette LeClare

Mae B. Ledbetter

Joyce A. Lee

Atha C. Lee

James L. Lee

Jiyoung Lee

Douglas C. Lee

F. Lee Leech

Harry H. Lewin

S. Lewis

John and Elaine Lewis

Fortunee Lichaa

Davy L. Lilly

Kenneth Lindgren

Catherine M. L. Lindsey

L. Lindstrom

Marian P. Lindvall

Donna and Rodney Linkous

Dawn Little

Patricia Little

Mary Clare Litzen

Frances Lloyd

Ruth L. Locke

Margaret J. Loe

Heidi Loewen

Jeanine H. Long

Betty D. Loomis

Victoria Loran and Stephen D. Van Dalen

Donald and Anna Louise Love

Paul Loyle

Mary Ann Lucchesi

Julanne Lucic

David Ludwig

Joyce Lumsden

Tom N. Lund

J. Louise Lunde

Jorgen V. Lunding

Tammy L. Lupenski

Anita J. Lusk

Elizabeth J. Lyle

Richard W. Lynch

Ruth C. Maas

Jacquie B. MacGregor

John F. Mack

Mary A. Mack

Francis and Wilma Madamba

Howard T. Maddy

Charlotte Magelssen

Albert and Dorothy Maggio

Nancy F. Maimone

Frances and John Mairs

William Mallory*

Katherine and Donald Maloney

Sharon Malsbary

Victor E. Manarolla

Norman Manaster

Anthony Maness

Ken L. Mangels

Wilbur C. Mann

Paul Mansoor

Leib Margulis

Frank Marier

Sister Katherine A. Markel

Barbara J. Markovich

James Mars

Olivia Marsh

Richard S. Marshall

Janet A. Martin

Burt J. Martin

Chris O. Martin

Fred S. Martin

Bjorg Martin

Dr. Jacquie Martin

Shanta Corra Martinez and Ruben Martinez Torres

Betty J. Martinsen

Elizabeth Marx

Agnes M. Mason

Jolenta Masterson

Benjamin F. Matter

Robert and Claudia Matthew

Jackie G. Matthews*

Jo Ann Mattson Coney

Audrey Matzen

Mary D. Maurer

Bruce and Sally Mauser

Patricia A. May

William McBurney

Cyril W. McCann

Dorothy M. McCann

Donald D. McClaren

Sybil O. McConaughy

Linda J. McCorkle

Margaret McDaniel

Lois and James McDaniel

Edna Mae McDowell

Lenora McEachran

John A. McFalls

Elsie M. McFarland

Marjorie McGerr

Shirley J. McGrath

Mary A. McHugh

Jan McIlroy

Capt. W. W. McKenzie

Lynn McLaren

Therese A. McLaughlin

Karin Mclean

Dr. Kenneth J. McLean

Thomas and Corinne McLeod

Edward R. McMillan

Verna L. McMillan

Lillian and Stanley McMullin

Dr. Barry A. McNamara

Henry N. Means III

Audrey L. Mendenhall

Frederick Mendoza**

Tammy Meske

David R. Meslang

Ruth and Clarence Metcalfe

Dr. Robert N. Meyer

Molly Mignon

Cesar and Celia Millena

Roberta F. Miller

Lee Miller

Robin G. Miller

George L. Miller

Barbara C. Miller

Betty Mills

Erica Mills

Bettie L. Milner

Mary Minkiewitz

Maxine Minnick

Bernie Minsk

Carol Misale

Richard Mitchell

Albert F. Mladenich**

Thorman E. Moen

Angeline Molinaro

Don Mollet**

Mel Monsen

Joseph F. Moodie

Alice May Moody

Elizabeth A. Moore

John W. Moore

Robert Morales

Sophie A. Morales

Janet N. Morelock

Ryan Morey

Harry L. Morgan

Joe H. Morgan

Theron K. Morgan

Ted and Mary Morneau

Walter J. Morris

Althea and Michael Mosa

Josephine K. Mosk

Kay Most

Robert Moya

Shirley N. Muirhead

Charles and Marilyn Mullavey

John P. Munton

Michael Murphy

Virginia L. Murphy

Carol J. Murphy

Louise and Cecil Mutschler

Dora R. Myers

Dr. Susanne Mygatt Wakefield

Michael Nailen

Hanako Nakagawa

George Nakano

Harue Nakatani

Harold W. Nathan

E. S. Natsiopoulos

Nickales Navarra

Jeffrey E. Neal

Betty L. Nease

William A. Neep

Christian Neilson

Marijane Nelson

Maurice I. Nelson

LTC Richard and Janet Nelson

Leonard and Mae Nelson

Joann Nelson

Aaron J. Nelson

Gerald I. Nelson

Fern H. Nelson

Joyce Nelson

Philip and Jacqueline Nelson

Shirley and William Nelson

Betty S. Nereim

Hoa and Flavie Nguyen

Ngoc Chieu Thi Nguyen

Bich Chi Thi Nguyen

Heidi H. Nguyen

Leland W. Nicholas

Dr. Michael A. Nieder

Ann L. Nieder

Keith and Beth Noble

Lorie Noel

Susan Noon

Juanita H. Nordin

Nancy J. Norling

Von and Diane Northland

Henry J. Novak

E. M. Noyes

Revella Nudelman

Robert G. O'Brien

Pauline M. O'Neill

Myron O'Reilly

Thomas and Susan Oas

Leo Odore

Sally Ofstad

Phyllis J. Oldenburg

Howard A. Oliphant

William D. Oliver

Rebecca G. Ollinger

Mr. and Mrs. Olson

Nils and Lorraine Olson

Melissa and Robert Olson

Timothy E. Onders

William Orland

Phyllis R. Orrico

Cesar S. Ortiz,

Richard D. Osborne

Simon Osei-Agyemang

Ann C. Ott

Karen Owens-Ewing

Loc P. Packer

Margaret N. Padelford

Gloria and Jim Paladichuk

Lois and Alan Park

Ron Parker

Amy Parker

Mario Parnella

Carrie C. Patterson

Martha L. Pauley

Arlene B. Paulson

Gladys Paulson

Elsie M. Pearson

Marvin H. Pearson

John S. Pearson

Sara M. Pease

Howard Peck

Margaret and Gail Peck

Francis J. Pelley

Georgia Penfield

Chin-Tzu Peng and  Kathleen M. Wilson-Peng

Dorothy and W. Petersen

Robert M. Petersen

Steve K. Peterson

Daniel E. Peterson

Donald K. Peterson

Jean Peterson

Geraldine W. Peterson

Marjorie S. Peterson

Homer Peterson

Marion and James Peterson

Betty B. Peth

Charlotte C. Petty

Gary and Janice Phillips

Gerald and Jean Pickens

Chris F. Pickering

Winifred Pielow

Marjorie N. Pierce

Peter and Joan Pitell

Clifford Pitts

Sandra L. Plate

Erna Poliak

Susan S. Pollock

Anthony and Penny Pomata

Maxine Popps

Audrey Porter

Vern Poulsen

David Powell

William H. Powers

Lee M. Pratt

Jaroslaw Predki

Bill Preston

Alice E. Prout

Ralph and Marceline Pruett

Ellen T. Pugh

Patricia C. Quinn

Terry Quinn

Esther Quint

George W. Raab

Thomas and Stacy Raglione

Gretchen A. Ragsdale

Ron Rainey

Roland M. Ramsey

Irina N. Ranahan

Jack E. Randles

Thanet Rangaratna

Phillip and Dorothy Ransford

Patricia A. Rasmussen

Eleanor E. Ratterman

Richard W. Ray

Bonnie and Kenneth Ray

Edwin Read

Dale J. Reardon

Judith Reay

Virginia M. Reddie

George H. Reed

Russell Reed

Laurie and Eric Reese Reinhardt

Linda and Edward Reiner

Jean S. Reis

Mary Louise Reiter

Edythe A. Renn

John and Helene Reshetar

Maurice Retterath

Pam and Jerry Retzloff

Peggy Rhodes

Elaine E. Richards

William A. Richardson

Dorothy Richardson

William J. Rieder

Deborah J. Rienti

Nancy Riley

Lillian Riley

Peter Robbins

Dr. Jeffrey Robertson

Ralph W. Robinson

Cornelia Robinson

Alberta Robinson

Thomas H. Robinson

Dr. Lillian H. Robinson

Junius Rochester

Donald F. Rockstad

Raymond M. Roe

Alan Roedell

Lynne W. Rogers

Lucille A. Rohman

John Romish*

Norman E. Roosa

Virginia P. Root

Ada A. Rosa

Peter and Marian Rose

Elizabeth Rosenthal

James and Beth Rosenzweig

Esther and Lee Ross

Barbara and Ronald Ross

Ronna Roth

Raymond F. Rowan

Marjory F. Rowley

Robert Rucker

Barbara and Robert Rummell

Orien R. Rusk

Robert E. Russell

Orlyn D. Ruwe

Annette Rye

Bonnie C. Salvin

William Samboy

Ramandeep S. Sandhu

Augustin C. Santana

Sylvia Saperstein

Martha E. Sartain

Dolores B. Sass

Lorena Sasser

Jeremy Sasser*

Ruben Saucedo

William Sauerbrey

Craig and Sherry Savage

Beverly Sawyer

Edna May Sayles

Lena A. Scales

Perry and Arita Scarlatos

Ruth Sceva

Tina L. Schaaf

Connie Schachtel

Peggy L. Schafran

Magda Schaloum

Carrie J. Schellenger

Lila B. Schiller

Barbara C. Schiller

Sally A. Schiller

Lourain Schmidt

Michael L. Schmidt

Marlene Schneider

Mark Schuetz

John A. Schukar

Robert C. Schuler

I. A. Schuster

Fredrick E. Schwarz

Marjorie Y. Scott

Arthur E. Scott

Shirley and John Scully

Andrew and Doris Seago

Rutcher E. Sedell

Andrew L. See

Cyril and Annabelle Seronko

Emina Seta

Ann and Mike Settles

Irvin and Vivienne Severtson

Cora E. Sevilles

Mathuradas G. Shah

Robert W. Shallcross

Marilyn Shannon

Dee Shatto and Ilse T. Goff

Dr. Kathleen F. Lucero and Dr. Consuelo H. Shaw

William M. Shay

Elizabeth Shea

Marian Sheehan

Isabelle C. Sheen

Roberta B. Shelton

Lynda and Steven Shelton

Joan S. Shepard

Dr. Thomas Shepard

Lt. Col. Walter J. Sherrell

Gene Shook

Charles Shukar

Cynthia and David Shurtleff

Diana Sick Ingman

Kenneth W. Siler

Marilyn Sill

Donna and John Simanton

June V. Simmons

Robert M. Simpson

Jan Simsons

Andrew Sinfrig

Quoc Sinh Dat

Donald Sirkin

Norm Slader*

Alfred and Norma Slatin

Donald F. Slaughter

Barbara Smart

Desmond Smart

Irma A. Smith

Gretchen J. Smith

Scott A. Smith

Keewanda Smith

Helen M. Smith

Claire Smith

Eleanor G. Smith

Joan Smith

Barbara Snider

Ethel Snider

Snow E. Snowberger

Pearl M. Sommer

Debbie Sommer*

Cathi M. Sommer

Sandra L. Songstad

Loretta Sorensen

Glenn Spalding

William and Sharon Spencer

Floyd Springer

Florence Squier

William A. Staats

Bernice E. Stalder

Randie Stalker

Joshua Stanton

Marilyn Starksen

Baron T. Stean

Scott E. Stearns

Anne R. Steele

Lacy Steele

Kathleen Steenbock

John F. Steers

Evelyn and George Stege

Sheldon P. Steinberg

Shirley J. Stephens

Elaine Stevens

Gordon G. Stewart Jr.

James and Patricia Stoddard

Josephine Stoltz

Charles M. Stone

Carol E. Stone

William Stover

Elizabeth M. Strandberg

William Streaker

Michael and Joni Stuber

Patrick Sullivan**

Daniel and Anna Sullivan

Lucile M. Sumerwell

Donald J. Summers

Jennie Summers

Ferne and Brice Supler

Ruth Surguine

Richard and Nancy Suske

Sybil Suthergreen

Robert and Ellen Swanberg

Clifford and Jeannette Sylliaasen

Donald B. Syria

Adam Szofran

Richard A. Taggart

Roberta Talbott

Helen Tall

Steve and Janice Tallman

Randy V. Tam

Thomas and Kazuko Tanigawa

Kathleen Tanner

Virginia Tanner

Siosi F. Tapani

Hanna M. Tattersall

Bernadette L. Taylor

George Taylor

Steve Taylor

Norman L. Teeters

Rae M. Tellefson

Jaquelyne and David Templin

Charles R. Terhune

Peter and Gloria Tesch

Judy Tessendore

Hai Thai

Mortimer H. Thomas

James A. Thomas

Eileen M. Thompson

Lorna Thompson

Vivian Thompson

Margaret Thoresen

Harold T. Thornquist

Kathleen S. Thornton

Lavelle W. Thresher

Reynaldo S. Ticman

Lawrence and Cynthia Tighe

David G. Till

Lisa K. Timm

James and Virginia Todd

Bernice H. Todd

Rosalee Toews

Marcia R. Tolman

Dan Tonge

Jennie G. Torohoff

Jack Trachtman

Margaret and Joseph Traynor

Jackie A. Troedel

Karen W. Trowbridge

Ted Trujillo

Thang Truong

Lan T. Truong

Milton Tschache

Roma I. Tunberg

Aurora A. Turla

Lois M. Turner

Lindtner and Edna Twiet

Theodore J. Tyson

Paul E. Umbaugh

Joseph E. Uskevich

Dick Vacca

Shirley M. Valdez

W. M. Valentine

Donald Van Dem Nimwegen

Eva Van Holst

Ronald K. Vandervort

Ruth VanDusen

Sharon Vanvalin

Fred Varnal

Angela Vartanian

Claire E. Vercoe

Eileen P. Verhagen

Tina and Roy Villines

Christine and Carl Vinson

James Vinyard

Ruby B. Virtue

Cornie and Nellie Visser

Joe R. Vitulli

Zollie Volchok

Randy Wagers

Bruce and Judy Walker**

Mary E. Walker

Jerry E. Walker

Vera Wall

Richard E. Wallace

Grace and George Wallace

Dorothy M. Wallace

James A. Walsh

Milton Walter

Dolores Walter

D. and Susan Walton

Frank S. Wang

Leah S. Ward

George Warfield

Charles Warhol

John Waring

Frederick Warner

Jeanne Warner Krone

Claudell Warren

Paul Warrick

David L. Wayman

Kyra Wayne

Mary Webb Duryee

Curtis and Amelia Weber

Bruce E. Webster

Sebastian Wegerhoff

Geraldine K. Weir

Judy A. Weis

Louis E. Weissman

Jason Wells

Edward Wenick

Kirsten and Roy Wenstone

Phyllis E. Wenzlaff

Paul West and  Linda Williamson

Albert R. Whelpley

Sandra E. Whelpley

George and Margaret Wherley

Ken Wherry**

William Whetham

Robert K. White

Daniel K. White

Barbara S. White

Peter Whitehead

Margaret A. Whitlock

Ola Whitson

Beatrice Whittaker

Barbara Wick

Sorraya Wieneke

Mary L. Wieser

A. M. Wiesner

Ramon W. Wilder

Myrlene Wilkinson

Ethel Williams

Margaret L. Williams

Howard M. Williams

Helen and Donovan Williams

Patricia A. Williams

Marilyn and George Williams

David B. Willis

Rebecca Willis

Janice and Kenneth Willis

Harriet Williston

M. H. and Dolores Willits

Donald J. Willner

Earl and Katherine Wilmot

Susan Wilson

Shirley L. Winnie

Margurite Winston

Edna T. Winston

R. C. Winter

Alice Wiren

G. H. “Oly” Wise**

Betty Wishart

Wiley V. Witherspoon III

Najean Witt

Dorothy L. Wittenberg

Pam Wolf

June R. Wolfe

Manfred R. Wolfenstine

L. E. Wolsky

David and Susan Woltz

Mjr. Irving F. Womack Ret.

Yic Fun Fanny Wong

Benjamin Woo**

Marion Wood

Marcene Woodburn

Victor D. Woodfield

Earl W. Woodford and  Judy Goulet

Ethel M. Woodhouse

Edgar Woodson

Norman Woolworth

Joy P. Worcester

Samuel S. Wormsley

Patricia and Fred Wright

Emily Wright

Michael E. Wright

David Wytko

Pavel Yakshin

Chi-Mei Yang

Michael G. Yano

Oard C. Yoder

Donald York

Christine M. York

David S. Yoshino

William C. Young

Shunji Yuasa

Perry E. Zaback

Orest and Janna Zabrodsky

Farzad Zafari

Virginia G. Zapata

Rose Zappert

Michael Zassenhaus

Michael and Joy Ziemann

William L. Zila

Alfred C. Zold

Christian E. Zurschmiede



5th Avenue Theatre

ACME Anything

ACT Theatre

Alaskan Copper & Brass Company

Amber Janitorial Inc.

Argosy Cruises

Bainbridge Island Winery

Ballard Lions Club

Bedrock Industries

The Box Maker

Bucky Products

Carter Mold

Catherine Holmes Wilkins Foundation

City of Seattle

Danny Lord Foundation

Dimmer Family Foundation

Dupar Foundation

Ehrlich-Donnan Foundation

Europa Services Limited


Garrison Foundation

Gilman Family Foundation

Hunting, Fisher, & Co. P.S.

Hyatt Grand

International Leasing Association

Intiman Theatre


Kenworth Employees AYD Club

Knossos Foundation

Lease Crutcher Lewis

Lucky Seven Foundation

Marqueen Hotel & Inn at Queen Anne

Marriott, Residence Inn

Media Art Productions

Microsoft Corporation

Northern Trust

The Orrico Foundation

Paul G. Allen Family Foundation

Planting Design Inc. DBA, Herron Gardens


Rajpaul Foundation

Regence BlueShield (employer matching gift)

The Robert C. & Nani S. Warren Foundation


Schnitzer Investment Corporation

The Schoenfeld-Gardner Foundation

The Seattle Foundation

Silver Cloud Inn

Spirit of Washington Dinner Train


Tube Art

Underground Tour

University Bookstore

Washington Mutual

Wheeler Charitable Trust


Lighthouse Legacy Society

The Lighthouse Legacy Society honors individuals designating planned gifts to the Seattle Lighthouse for the Blind Foundation. Examples of planned giving arrangements including designating a bequest to the Foundation in their will or arranging a Charitable Gift Annuity in partnership with the Lighthouse.

The only requirement for membership in the Lighthouse Legacy Society is written notification of a planned gift. Those providing such written notification before April 2, 2008 will enter the Lighthouse Legacy Society as charter members.

Unless otherwise designated by the donor, these gifts are typically placed in the Foundation’s permanent endowment fund, where principal remains intact in perpetuity, and earnings are used each year to support Lighthouse programs.

We extend our deepest thanks to the following generous and forward thinking individuals for making a magnificent investment in ensuring permanent opportunities for people who are blind, Deaf-Blind, and blind with other disabilities.


Lighthouse Legacy Society Charter Members

Kirk Adams

Loren and Ann Anderson

Katherine M. Beck

Herb and Shirley Bridge

Howard and Dianna Dickerman

Constance and James Engelstad

Paul and Bev Fletcher

Ray and Phyllis Haman

Helen E. Hauck

George Jacobson

Clifford and Olivia Johnson

Karen G. Kidd

Doug and Billie Klan

Amy L. Koehl

Tom Kuebler

Patrick and Christine O'Hara

Jeff M. Patterson

Jeffrey Robertson

Patrick Sullivan

Bruce and Judy Walker

G. H. “Oly” Wise


Will Power

The Seattle Lighthouse for the Blind Foundation is honored to be remembered in the wills of dedicated and thoughtful donors. These individuals have expressed their commitment to creating opportunities for blind members of our community by including Lighthouse programs in their estate plans and wills.  The Seattle Lighthouse for the Blind Foundation received the following gifts from October 1st,  2005 to September 30th, 2006 as a direct result of this generosity and foresight:

Legacies in Memoriam

Ms. Nellie Carman


Ms. Wilhelmina Clapp


Mr. James F. Hodges


Ms. Sarah Johnson


Ms. Louise S. Kidwiler


Ms. Emma Leavenworth


Ms. Hortense W. Lewis


Ms. Emma S. Olsen


Mr. Martin W. Prins


Mr. George Trimble



Donors Honor Loved Ones

Many financial supporters of the Seattle Lighthouse for the Blind Foundation choose to honor their loved ones by making honorary or memorial gifts.  We were privileged to receive gifts in the names of the following individuals from October 1, 2005 through September 30, 2006.

In Honor

Roger and Darlene Hilling

Miriam Wallenmeyer

Richelle Ross

In Memory

Joyce Grannis O’Hara

Olga N. Leed

Yvonne Loftin

Bessie Rose Luark

Bob Medhaug

Bernard L. Reiter

Usel Salzer

Lloyd G. Smart